Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"You saved how much????"

That was what the lady behind me in line today asked when I checked out at Publix. "You saved how much??" When I pointed to the screen, she said, "People say you can save with coupons. I just don't see how..." I smiled and said while taking my receipt from the cashier, "Like THAT!" She just shook her head. There will always be doubters. Those people who say, "There are never coupons for what I buy..." Or, "Generic is cheaper than that..." Oh really? You can buy generic cookie mix for 30 cents? Yea, I didn't think so.

I go through lazy spurts. I see the deals but just don't make it to the store. I do have seven children at home now plus 2 different auto-immune diseases so I think it is understandable that I don't get EVERY deal out there. When I go through these spurts, it seems to get compounded by my lack of enthusiasm to sort, cut, file my coupons. I have coupons here and there and every where. So earlier this week, I removed the dead desktop computer from the desk it was on and set me up a little coupon nook. Now I can sit at the desk and work on coupons. I bought a new hanging file folder to put everything in--including some household, school and church stuff.

Here is where the magic happens. And yes, that is my twitter feed off to the side of my laptop screen. LOL
I think it will work out nicely. The desk is right by the dining room table where we do school so I can sit here and work while the children do school. So, since I had a nice new set up, it would seem foolish to not do some deal shopping, right?

On Monday, I made a CVS run. I hadn't been in a while and had ECBs the were expiring that day. This is what I got (no picture, sorry): 1 Softsoap, 2 Oral B toothbrushes, 2 Nivea body wash, 2 Nivea lip care products, 2 sets of Nailene nails and 1 pk of mints (for my shopping helper). Total was 45.10 before coupons. After my coupons and ECBs, I ended up paying 9.14 out of pocket and got back 14.00 ECBs for next time. Not bad.

Tuesday, we went to Staples. There I purchased 2 20-count packs of batteries (9.99 each); 2 reams of paper (6.49 each) and 2 clearanced Bendaroos (2.50 each). Subtotal was 37.96. I used my Staples rewards from buying toner last month (11.00) so total out of pocket was 28.85. I will get back 19.98 for the batteries in Staples rewards and submitted for a rebate on the paper (10.98). So after I get those back I made 2.11 even WITH the bendaroos (which were NOT on my list).

Then there was today, Wednesday. I managed a quick trip to Publix. And got a bunch of good deals...and this time, there is a picture!
They were out of a few things that I wanted to get but I am not up to asking for rain checks yet, maybe someday but for now I am content to get what I can get. And I think I did pretty good.

10 bags of Steamfresh Veggies
2 50 oz bottles of All detergent
8 pints of Whole Fruit Sorbet
8 boxes of Fruit Chillers
3 4-pks of Yoplus yogurt
6 cans of Campbells Chunky Soup
4 packs of Pepperidge Farms Flats
10 bags of Betty Crocker cookie mix
3 boxes of Fruit Loops
3 boxes of Frosted Flakes
4 boxes of Rice Krispies

Total before coupons/sales: 167.79
Total Savings (coupons and sales): 132.11
Total out of pocket: 35.68

Total savings: 78.74%

Who says you can't save with coupons??