Saturday, January 22, 2011

Publix---January 19

A little late getting my Publix stuff up this week. I shopped on Wednesday but just hadn't had a chance to post. So I will now, and will probably post again soon. Eventually, I will post a family update, just need to have some time that I can sit and do that. But for now, you are stuck with my deal posts.

I was very happy to finally get to Publix after several weeks of getting my deals together only to have other things come up to keep me away. We were running out of cereal and with Lent coming, I needed to stock up on soup for Jeff to take for lunch.

Here is what I got from last week's ad:
4 boxes of waffles (these ended up being about 40 cents each)
4 boxes of soft pretzels (50 cents a box)
2 Power of Fruit bars (all fruit frozen bars. I like them, the kids...not so much LOL)
1 Jolly Time popcorn (FREE!! On sale for $1 used 50 cent coupon that doubled)
2 Fruit Loops
1 Frosted Flakes
2 Frosted Cheerios
2 Rice Krispies
2 boxes of spaghetti
8 cans of Progresso (with BOGO and coupons these end up being about 90 cents each--GREAT PRICE!)
6 cans air freshener (After sale and coupon there were about 30 cents each!)
6 bottles grape juice
2 Coffee Mate creamers (after BOGO sale and coupon *ready?* TEN CENTS EACH!! WooHoo! These will go to church for coffee hour because we don't use it here at home.)

Total before sales and coupons: 130.18
Coupons: 33.50
Sales: 60.50

Total spent out of pocket: 36.18
Saved 94.00 or 72 percent!!

I hope to do a post soon about how *I* do what I do. Again, I just need to sit down and do it.