Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CVS---Covergirl Money Maker

I know I have not checked in for a while. Honestly, I have been busy with other stuff so my dealing and couponing have taken a side seat--not a back seat, just the side seat. But this deal at CVS was one I KNEW I could NOT pass up! Thanks to the Coupon Wizards, I got a great deal on make up that I don't recall reading about anywhere else. And thanks to Insert Insanity, I had enough coupons to do the deal TWICE!

Covergirl items are buy one, get one 50% off this week and also part of the Buy $30 get $10 gift card. 

First transaction:
1 Illy Coffee drink (not pictured)--on sale for 2.00
2 Classic Blush (6.29 and 3.14)
2 Cheek contour blush (6.29 and 3.14)
2 single blush (4.89 and 2.44)
2 single blush (4.89 and 2.44)

I used (4) $8 off of 2 Covergirl face product coupons (P&G coupon--expired yesterday)
FREE coupon for coffee drink from coupon machine (rang up as 2.49)
I also used $1 ECB.

Total out of pocket: 2.44 (all tax)
Got back $10 gift card (I chose the CVS one, duh!)

Transaction #2:
2 Simply Ageless Foundation (15.79 and 6.29)
2 contour blush (6.29 and 3.14)
4 single blush (2 @ 4.89 and 2 @ 2.44)

Again used (4) $8 off of 2 Covergirl coupons
Used 9.99 in ECBs (they were expiring yesterday)

Total out of pocket: 9.12 (5.78 subtotal; 3.34 tax)
And got another $10 gift card.

So my total out of pocket was 11.56 but I got $20 in gift cards so I made about $9 on this deal. I also have some stocking stuffers for Christmas.