Monday, September 29, 2008

Twice in One Day

I have not had major problems using coupons at my favorite stores. One day last week, the cashier at Food Lion asked the manager about some I had but they were all OK. Today though was a different story. *sigh*

I only had 4 coupons I wanted to use all for the same thing, Gorton's Fish which was B1G1. I bought 4 bags and had 4 q's to use. As soon as the cashier looked at them she said, "Oh honey, we aren't going to be able to take these." Then she turned to get the manager. When the manager came over she explained that it is certain internet coupons they would not be taking. I asked if there was a way to know for sure? And she said that there were certain things that they will be looking at to determine. I said, "So it would be better to not bring in printables?"

"Oh no, you can bring them but we will just decide if we will let you use them."

I wanted to explain that I use my coupons to get the lowest price and that I shop and plan my menus based on the q's I have but there was no use. *sigh* Another one bites the dust due to fraud.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Walmart to pick up film but wanted to also get cheap chocolate chips. I again had 2 internet q's to use. My fave cashier in the garden center said that they had had a meeting just that morning saying that they were no longer taking printables. *grrr*

And another one gone...

I do the bulk of my shopping at Food Lion but I might need to venture to Publix more in order to get the good deals.

Oh well. I guess it was bound to happen. I was having a crappy day anyhow. LOL

To all of you who use coupons fraudulently, I just want to say, thanks for screwing it up for those of us who are honest and just trying to feed our families! Thank you very much!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Still working out some kinks to my menu plan but so far it is working pretty well. Planning out my lunches is making a big difference in how our day goes and I actually think that I am saving a little money by doing it.


Lunch: Chicken Nuggets

Supper: Roast in crock pot


Lunch: Frozen pizza

Supper: Chicken and biscuits day

Lunch: Fish sticks

Supper: French toast


Lunch: Corn dogs

Supper: "Pizza Things" (mini calzones) day

Lunch: Mac and Cheese or sandwiches

Supper: Fish

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

CVS 9-20-08

I hit CVS today after being hit or miss on it for the last few months. I have even *gasp* allowed some ECBs to expire! LOL I was going to do this trip in 2 transactions to save more money but I had a fussy baby and so just did it all at once.
L'oreal Revitalist 11.99
Adidas deoderant 4.99
Crest Prohealth 2.99
Nivea Men's body wash 4.99
V05 shampoo 65 cents
Used: 14.58 (About) ECBs and 3.75 in coupons
6.95 oop
got back 30.98 in ECBs--$6 of those were for the Revlon nail polish deal from last week or the week before that I didn't get. I wrote to CS and they were more than willing to make sure I got me ECBs.
I also got 3 coupons with my receipt.
Getting back into the groove little by little.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I find that I do much better during the week with a plan. Since we started school last week, I have also been planning lunches to make my life easier while we homeschool. Not the most nutricious plan but it is a plan!
Monday: lunch-leftovers or sandwich; supper-pork loin
Tuesday: l-corn dogs; s-dd pick (it is her Patronal feast day)
Wednesday: l-fish sticks; s-get your own (I have 3 that need to go to volleyball by 6pm on Wed)
Thursday: l-chicken nuggets; s-sweet and sour meatballs and rice
Friday: l-pizza rolls; s-spaghetti
I don't normally plan Saturday or Sunday but I need to start at least planning Sunday. Crock-pot meals would be easiest.
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