Thursday, April 21, 2011

One More Deal Post....Toys R Us

When I did my big day of deal hunting, I also hit Toys R Us. I saved about 50 percent, which isn't that great but I got some things that will go in Easter baskets this weekend.

I purchased:
2 Crayola Color Wonder Color and Stow things (9.99 BOGO)
2 Color Explosion packs (11.99 BOGO)
2 Vtech Buzz Lightyear Alphaberry (15.99 BOGO)

I used:
$3 off $3 or more purchase from a birthday sign up with one of the boys
2 $2 off coupons for the Crayola
2 $1 off coupons for Crayola

I also had 2 $5 off coupons for Vtech which I intended in using but the stuff that was BOGO and more than 19.99 (required for the coupon) were not things that we would use. They were geared more towards infant. So I opted to get the Buzz Lightyear things that teach spelling, ABC order and have several games and not use my coupons.

My total out of pocket was 32.49 with a savings of 41.97. These will all be nice additions to the Easter baskets.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Publix Deals 4-19

After we hit the drugstores, we stopped by Publix. Thanks to a great coupon clipping service, Coupons and Things by DeDe, I was able to get some extras. I find it cheaper to order coupons from a clipping service than to buy a bunch of newspapers. Most of the time, Savannah doesn't get the good coupons anyhow so it would be a waste. For example, we didn't get the *HOT* Nivea coupon this past weekend. That just plain stinks. But no need to complain, hopefully some coupon service will have it in and I can order a few.

I haven't been to Publix in several months. Today's trip wasn't one of my better ones but it was still good and the kids are thrilled with Pop-tarts.

12 50-ct packs of gum
6 cans of pineapple
4 Ritz Crackerfuls
2 Wesson oil

4 Duncan Hines brownie mix
2 box Triscuts
5 boxes Special K
12 boxes of Pop Tarts
2 Alexia frozen breads

Total before sales and coupons: 137.52
Coupons used: 31.60
Sales: 67.27

Total out of pocket: 38.65 or a savings of 72 percent.

Not spectacular but I just can't bring myself to use my ECBs or RRs at Publix. If I did that, then how would I get free toothpaste and shampoo at CVS? Or cheap diapers at Walgreens? Although this Publix trip wasn't my best it still got me a *high five* from the cashier, Tammie and a "Great Job" from Andrew the bagger. And I love that!

P.S. The grumpy little boy in the background is my youngest. He had just woke up from a too-short nap and really wanted to eat something. :-)

Drugstore Deals 4-19

I have been MIA here for a few months. It seems that my deal shopping ebbs and flows. But when I get back into it, I get so excited and think, "Why don't I just keep up with it?" Sometimes I kick myself for not taking the time to get stuff together and other times, I just don't care. But I really do love the "high" I get from scoring something for cheap. I am definitely NOT an extreme couponer and I am not a super savvy shopper but I think that I do OK. So last week, I took a few baby steps back into the world of couponing and this week, jumped back in full force.

Today my trusty companions and I hit Walgreens, CVS, Toys R Us and Publix (we also went to Joann Fabric but not for deals).

First stop was Walgreens where I did two transactions.

First transaction was the Always and Goody hair things. I used 2 $1 coupons for the Always. I paid 7.63 out of pocket and got back $3 register rewards for the Goody's (I thought that the Always was yielding a $3RR as well but it didn't print. Probably because I got the wrong item. *shrug*).

The 2nd transaction I got 2 pks of Huggies (8.99 each) and 2 Dawn (99cents each)--those were filler since I thought I would have 4 coupons to use but really only had three. I used 2 $3 coupons for the Huggies and my $3 RR from trans #1. I got back $3 RR to use next time.

Breakdown went like this...
Total: 28.96
Coupons/RR used: 11.00
Paid out of pocket: 17.96 (not including tax)
Register rewards for later: $3

For what it's worth, I don't normally shop at Walgreens because usually I have problems with them taking my coupons or RRs not printing. I took a chance today and it worked OK--not as great as I thought it would but still OK. And I got cheap diapers.

Next stop CVS...

A small transaction because not much thrilled me this week...except the free stuff and the Covergirl since I needed make up.

Paas egg decorating kit 1.99
2 CVS Green Bag Tags .99
Edge Shaving Gel 3.29
CG Clean make up 6.00
CG eye shadow 5.89

Total 19.15
Used 2.50 coupon for CG stuff
Used $10 ECB from last week
Paid 7.99 out of pocket after tax

Got back 10.27 in Extra Care Bucks so really I made money on this transaction!! I wanted to get some of the water for 2.22 but my CVS was completely out.