Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Minute Trip to Publix

Some days you just don't feel like making the deals all nice and neat on the table. So there they are still in the bags as they were brought in from the van. I thought about putting them out on the table but then I looked at the table and it was covered with random things. I just didn't have the energy to clean, then put the stuff on the table and THEN put it all away. Putting it away took some time anyway because I had been slacking in making sure things were neat to begin with so I needed to do some rearranging, condensing and stuffing. But it all fit!

Today at our local Publix, I had a new cashier. A young girl who actually stopped while she was scanning some of my things to write down something that she wanted to try. Never had that happen before. Interesting. She rang every thing up and then did my coupons. A woman came up behind us while she was ringing my coupons and said, "Wow, that is a LOT of coupons!" I couldn't really "read" her and couldn't tell if she was going to be one of people who are irritated by us couponers or if she was just interested. I smiled and said something polite and was pleased to find that she was interested in my savings and where I get my coupons and all that fun stuff. When she heard my grand total, she smiled and said, "I am really proud of you!" Awwww....

I feel like I didn't really do THAT well but things I bought are great stock pilers. For example, ketchup was BOGO this week. I ordered coupons from Coupons and Things by Dede for those. They were about 69 cents each and my 20 cent coupon doubled making them 29 cents each. I bought 10.

I also got DelMonte Fruit Chillers. My kids LOVE these. They are fruit sorbet in tubes like popsicles. Publix had them on sale for 1.79 (not BOGO). I was saving up my $1 coupons for a sale and here it was. So after coupons, I paid 79 cents each. I only got 5 because I know these are on clearance at Target as well so I will grab some there too.

Nabisco crackers were BOGO. They were 1.50 after the sale. I used $1/2 coupons so about $1 each after my coupons...for Ritz, yes! I bought 10 boxes.

Another non-BOGO thing I got was Stouffer's Family size lasagna. There was on sale for 3.99, which is really a GREAT price. I had coupons from becoming a fan of Stouffer's on Facebook for 2.50 which made the final price 1.49 each. Along with some Pillsbury refrigerated bread sticks (also on sale a Publix) we had dinner last night for less than $5!

Along with those things, I also purchased:
15 boxes of Kellogg's Cereal
6 boxes of SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels
4 Greek yogurt containers
3 YoPlus Yoguirt
4 boxes of Poptart
12 Pillsbury dough (various things)
10 Taco Bell dinner kits
2 Valley Steamer vegetables

Total: 199.76
Sales: 85.05
Coupons: 50.80

Total Savings: 135.85 or 68% (that seems to be my average most of the time).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I usually make a menu plan each week. I find I function better when I know exactly what is coming. It is also good for making my store list(s). Sometimes I shop to the sales, sometimes I don't. This is a week when I am not. We are Eastern Orthodox and in the midst of a fasting period. But since we are recovering from a stomach virus which really wiped out the older people in the house, we are not totally fasting yet, but by next week, we should be back to our regular fasting meals.

Monday~~tuna and shells (kind of like tuna casserole)

Tuesday~~makaronapeta or as well call it at our house, "Phyllo-roni". A kind of Greek mac/cheese with phyllo-dough. I am not Greek but I like to pretend I am. LOL

Wednesday~~baked potatoes w/ topping and salad

Thursday~~taco tot casserole

Friday~~Puffy Pizza Casserole


Sunday~~potatoes, carrots, onions in crockpot

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