Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CVS Trip 6/22/2011

Now that the boys are out of school, I feel like I have the time to do my coupon shopping justice. Today I bounced back into it with a few trips to CVS. Lots of good stuff at CVS this week. Be sure to check out Simply CVS for weekly deal match ups. As well as, Coupon Wizards who have a wealth of information about everything coupon! Both sites offer scenarios if you are new to CVSing to get you started. I often use these to help jumpstart my thinking through of deals. And on weeks when I am feeling a little more "mommy-brain" than normal, I copy their scenarios to use for my stuff.

On to the deals!

Today I had my deals for CVS broken down into 3 transactions but only did two.

Transaction #1:
GUM Periobalance lozenges--on sale for 15.99 (no coupons available)
I used 11.99 in ECBs from the week before and paid 4.48 out of pocket.
I left with 15.99 in ECBs to use on my nest transaction.

Transaction #2:
2 Pantene shampoo 6.97 (used $2/2 coupon)
3 Powerade Zero $1/each (used a BOGO free coupon--cashier took off pre-sale price of 1.69)
2 Honest Teas $1/each (used BOGO free coupon--again cashier took off pre-sale price 1.79)
1 LA Looks gel 2.99 (used $1 off coupon)
1 Powerbar Energy bites 2.49
1 Gain dishwashing liquid 97 cents (used $1 off coupon)
2 Revlon nail polish 4.99/each (used 2 $1 off coupons)

I also used my 15.99 ECBs from Transaction #1 and paid 4.62 out of pocket.

I got back 14.49 ECBs for next week. So basically, I got all that stuff for FREE! The CVS I shopping at was out of the Bliss candy (5.99 get 5.99 ECBs back) but said she needed to unload truck still. I might go back later in the week to get those and maybe more nail polish--although with all the Revlon deals, we have a LOT of nail polish.

On my couponing adventure today, I also stopped at Publix. We had been low on cereal and I really needed to stock up again. No picture but here is what I got.

2 Magnum ice cream bars
3 boxes of Trix
3 boxes of Cocoa Puffs
2 Golden Grahams
4 Cheerios
2 Crystal Light drink mix
1 Sandwich from deli (for my cart pusher today)
1 6-pk of Sweetwater Georgia Brown beer (for my breadwinner)

Total before coupons and sales: 65.54

Total after sales and coupons: 30.98

For a savings of 34.56 or about 52 percent. A small trip so small savings...but better than nothing.