Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Publix 3/25/09

After a couple of disappointing trips to my local Publix, I thought about giving up. But whenever I see the BOGOs that they have each week I think, I really should try again. So today I did...and had a MUCH better trip.
Not everything I got was BOGO but was advantage buys. My husband and oldest son, who work together in construction, told me today that they are tired of granola bars for breakfast (no, I do NOT get up and cook them breakfast every day LOL). Thankfully, Publix has yogurt on advantage buy and I had lots of matching coupons.
Here is what I got today...
4 bags of Fast Fixin's Popcorn Chicken (BOGO--5.99 each)
2 bags of Doritos (no q's; no sale--needed for working men's lunches)
2 Knorr Pasta Alfredo sides (BOGO--1.59 each)
3 Minute Maid Rice (ad. buy 2/$4)
2 Dannon 6 pk yogurt (3/$6)
5 Dannon Danimals yogurt (3/$5)
4 Dole Parfait bowls (BOGO--2.25 each)
3 cokes (one for mom; one for coupon holder and one for babysitter) 1.39/each
Total before coupons: 51.06
Used coupons: 17.10
The bottom of my receipt says I saved: 41.42 at Publix today!! That includes coupons, sales and stuff.
If I didn't need the chips or the total would have been about $20!!
That is a MUCH better Publix trip!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CVS 3/21/09

I must be out of practice with CVS. I am looking over my receipt as the pictures loads and realise that I didn't get the $2 ECB for the Dry Idea and must have gotten the wrong toothpaste since I didn't get the ECBs for it either. This CVS that I go to on Saturdays, usually has all the signs down by then so it is kind of a guessing game and trying to match the ad with what is on the shelf. LOL
But what I did get...
5 Dove deoderant (2 for $7)
2 Dry Idea roll on deoderant (2.99)
1 Spongebob Band-aid (3.49)
1 Neosporin to go (6.29)
1 Kotex lightdays (3.99)
1 Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste (3.49)
1 Bic Soliel
2 1.50/2 Dove q's
1.25/1 Dove q
.50 Bandaid
1.00 Neosporin
1.50 Kotex coupon (CRT from CVS)
2 2.00 Dry Idea
2.00 Bic
13.99 in ECBs
Total oop: 23.45
Got back 13.00 ECBs and 3 CRTs

Walgreens 3/21/09

This is what I got at Walgreen's today.
4 pks of Walgreen brand diapers (2 for $9)
3 pks of Reach floss (3 for $9)
Sambucol (12.99)
Wal-Zyr Allergy med (3.99)
Irish Spring body wash (4.99)
I used an Irish Spring BW free coupon.
$10 EZQ from Wags for Sambucol + $4 printable
$3 off 3 Reach coupon
$20 RR from Huggies deal last week
Total oop: 15.96
Total Savings thru Wag advertised and mfg q's: 57.45
Now that I look closer at me reciept, the floss didn't ring up $3--it rang 4.49/each. And I didn't get the RR for them. So it should have been less I think.
Oh and I will send in the rebate for the allergy meds and those will end up being free.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I did something BOLD and planned meals for TWO weeks!! WOW!! I know in my mind that I do so much better making a menu plan. I don't know why I resist. We spent a lot of money on fast food last week and I KNOW it is because I didn't make a good plan. So this last week, I sat down and made a plan for two weeks.
You might notice that there is a lack of meat in my menu. We are Greek Orthodox and are in the midst of Lent which means fasting from meat and dairy. We do allow dairy. We also eat more fish than is allowed. I could go into all the reasons but that is really between us and our spiritual Father. *grin*
Nothing fancy here...
Tuesday, the 17th--St Patrick's Day: Cabbage and potatoes--might try some soda bread too
Wednesday the 18th: French Toast
Thursday, the 19th: Potato soup
Friday, the 20th: Spaghetti
Saturday, the 21st: Chinese take out
Sunday, the 22nd: Pot luck at Church-corn casserole, pbj, corn salsa
Monday, the 23rd: salmon patties, mac/cheese
Tuesday, the 24th: pancakes
Wednesday, the 25th: Fish, Greek Pasta salad
Thursday, the 26th: ramen noodle stir fry
Friday, the 27th: spaghetti
Saturday, the 28th: ?? Older 3 Children will be at a Lenten Retreat so we might do something special with the remaining 5.
To see more Menu Plan Monday, pop over to $5 Dinners who is hosting this weeks round up.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Quick Publix post for you.
I rarely shop at Publix. The first big trip I did there, the cashier took my q's first and then looked at each on and matched each one with the product on the coupon. It took for.evah. So I was leary of going again but I had those Frosted Flake q's ($1/2) and Publix had the BOGO. I also had 50 cent Banana Nut Cheerio q's (which my Publix doubles) and those are also BOGO. So I braved it again.
They were out of the cheerios. So bummer. And I didn't think to get a raincheck. But as you can see, I got the Frosted Flakes. And threw in some Hellman's which were also BOGO and I had 60 cent coupons for them.
I think I did OK---4 boxes of cereal and 2 mayo for less than $10.
I decided that for me, I will just shop the BOGOs at Publix if I have good q's. Or for double coupon things. Publix prices a quite a bit higher--especially their meat. But double coupons and BOGOs---I am SO there!!

Walgreens x2

I went to Walgreens twice this week (and might try to go one more time). I laid out my plan and hoped that I wouldn't get any cashier's who would scrutinize every move and coupon.
First trip I purchased:
2 pks of Huggies diapers $10/each
1 pk of wipes $6
1 Irish Spring Body wash 4.49
1 Sambucol Cold and Flu 12.99
1 Walgreens Extra strength headache med. 2.99
Used: 21.75 in coupons
OOP: 27.97
Got $10 RR back; free body wash catalina and will mail in the 2.99 for the Extra strength
The next trip:
1 Irish Spring 4.49
2 20 oz Cokes 1.49 each
1 Axe Men's Shampoo 5.99
1 Sambucol 12.99
3 pks of Huggies 10.00/each
Used: 25.98 in coupons (including the body wash cat. and a BOGO Coke q)
OOP: 34.21
Got another $10 RR for the diaper deal but my Irish Spring didn't roll--that's OK
I will also mail in the 5.99 Axe shampoo
Out of these deals I think the best is the Sambucol. Regular price is 14.99. It is on sale for 12.99. There is a $10 ESQ at walgreens and I had $4 q's. That's a money maker!!!
I have $20 in RR to use this week.

To see what other people did this week at various drugstores...Check out And be sure to send congrats to new mom Denise over there!!