Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week I did something BOLD and planned meals for TWO weeks!! WOW!! I know in my mind that I do so much better making a menu plan. I don't know why I resist. We spent a lot of money on fast food last week and I KNOW it is because I didn't make a good plan. So this last week, I sat down and made a plan for two weeks.
You might notice that there is a lack of meat in my menu. We are Greek Orthodox and are in the midst of Lent which means fasting from meat and dairy. We do allow dairy. We also eat more fish than is allowed. I could go into all the reasons but that is really between us and our spiritual Father. *grin*
Nothing fancy here...
Tuesday, the 17th--St Patrick's Day: Cabbage and potatoes--might try some soda bread too
Wednesday the 18th: French Toast
Thursday, the 19th: Potato soup
Friday, the 20th: Spaghetti
Saturday, the 21st: Chinese take out
Sunday, the 22nd: Pot luck at Church-corn casserole, pbj, corn salsa
Monday, the 23rd: salmon patties, mac/cheese
Tuesday, the 24th: pancakes
Wednesday, the 25th: Fish, Greek Pasta salad
Thursday, the 26th: ramen noodle stir fry
Friday, the 27th: spaghetti
Saturday, the 28th: ?? Older 3 Children will be at a Lenten Retreat so we might do something special with the remaining 5.
To see more Menu Plan Monday, pop over to $5 Dinners who is hosting this weeks round up.

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