Saturday, March 21, 2009

CVS 3/21/09

I must be out of practice with CVS. I am looking over my receipt as the pictures loads and realise that I didn't get the $2 ECB for the Dry Idea and must have gotten the wrong toothpaste since I didn't get the ECBs for it either. This CVS that I go to on Saturdays, usually has all the signs down by then so it is kind of a guessing game and trying to match the ad with what is on the shelf. LOL
But what I did get...
5 Dove deoderant (2 for $7)
2 Dry Idea roll on deoderant (2.99)
1 Spongebob Band-aid (3.49)
1 Neosporin to go (6.29)
1 Kotex lightdays (3.99)
1 Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste (3.49)
1 Bic Soliel
2 1.50/2 Dove q's
1.25/1 Dove q
.50 Bandaid
1.00 Neosporin
1.50 Kotex coupon (CRT from CVS)
2 2.00 Dry Idea
2.00 Bic
13.99 in ECBs
Total oop: 23.45
Got back 13.00 ECBs and 3 CRTs

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Agape said...

You need to take me shopping.