Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Target Christmas Clearance

I managed to get to Target the day after Christmas. (Which was good since we have been dealing with tummy bug since then and I haven't gotten to go back yet). I didn't get any actual Christmas stuff but went for practical.
1 Swiffer holiday pack 2.49
4 Clorox wipes (3 pk) 2.49 each
3 Dawn dishwashing liquid (a big blue one and a smaller apple/cinnamon one) 2.49
4 prs of Christmas socks 2.49
2 bags of Sweetarts 1.05
8 pks of Pillsbury cookies 1.25
1 Glad Press and Seal 2 pk 1.99
1 pk foil/parchment paper holiday pack 1.99
1 pk Glad bowls (2 different sizes attached) 1.99
8 2-pks Bounty paper towels 1.49
2 bounty napkins 1.49
I saved a total of 77.83 on this trip! I knew that these things would not be there when clearance went to 75 off so I snatched them up. I will go back sometime to see if there is anything left that I "need" LOL

CVS trip 12/21/08

I am slacking on my posting of deals. But honestly, I have not been venturing out too much. I did manage to make it for the last huge CVS freebie sale!! And here is what I got...

5 Listerine Cool Mint mouthwash

1 Zantac

1 Thermacare neck to arm

1 Halls Natural

1 Excedrin

2 Sally Hansen nail polish

2 L'oreal eye shadow

1 Benefiber

Total: 64.66

Coupons: 2.00

ECBs used: 60.69

oop: 2.28

ECBs earned: 64.17

Not too bad!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Shopping at CVS

I knew that CVS was having a big three day sale starting today. I also knew that chances were if I didn't make it today, stuff would be sold out or I wouldn't make it at all. So this morning the girls and I ventured out to see what we could get.
2 Phillips universal remotes 6.99 each
1 Aussie leave-in conditioner 2.99
1 Aussie hair spray 2.99
1 Bic Soliel razor 5.99
1 Schick Quantro razor/trimmer 7.99
2 Colgate total toothpaste 2.99/each
1 L'oreal lip gloss 6.99
1 Garnier Face towellettes 5.99
1 Maybelline fondation 8.99
1 Covergirl smooth powder 5.99
3 gatorade G2 1.49 each
1 Sally Hansen nail polish 3.79
Total: 76.14
Used 10.50 in coupons
30.00 in ECBs
total out of pocket: 38.70
Earned 65.16 in ECBs for next time.
So I made about 26.00 profit today and I could go back and get a few more things since I did not get the max on a few of the deals. The cashier said that I had the longest receipt she had seen in a long time. LOL If I hold it over my head it still drags the floor. LOL
Still thinking about hitting Walgreens or Rite Aid today for more free stuff but might just wait. I mean we already have enough toothpaste for the next year or more. LOL And I have more make-up than I will ever wear in my life time. LOL But it sure is fun to come home and spread everything out and say, "This was all free!!" LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Target Glade deal

If you have not checked out the Glade deal at Target, you might want to. If you purchase 4 holiday scents, you get a $5 gift card. But be warned, it will only do one per guest per transaction. (I found that out yesterday LOL).

I purchased 4 things a few weeks ago with some B1G1 coupons for the scented oil holders but since then my Target has been out of the holders.

I have a bunch of Glad coupons and since I go to Target a lot, I figure I could grab some each time I go. This week I bought: 4 scented oil refills (Cinnamon Gingerbread scent); 2 Vanilla Breeze refill with warmer; and 2 twin packs of Glistening Snow refills.
The scented oil refills are priced 2.50 at my Target. And I had 1.50 off 2 coupons.
I also used some B1G1 coupons on the refill packs.
And I got back 2 $5 GC (the nice cashier did 2 transactions for me).
So far I have $15 in GC and between Target and CVS, I have enough air fresheners to make an NFL locker room smell great! LOL

CVS this week

This week I made three trips to CVS. I knew I wanted to get in on the battery deal since we tend to go through a TON of batteries. My first stop I bought 2 16-pks of AA and one 4-pk of AAA. I used 3 75 cents off coupons. My oop was a little more than I would have liked because I purchased some candy to send to a friend. :wink: But I earned 15.00 ecbs for the batteries.

The next store I went to was out of the big packs of batteries but I found one lone 16 pk of AA at the next store and also got an 8-pk. Total oop on that deal about 4.00 and I got back 15.00 ecbs again.

When I couldn't find the batteries at the 2nd store I used my "back up deal"--the glade. I had several B1G1 free coupons.
Here is my deal:
4 Glade glass accents 2.50 each
4 Vanilla Breeze refill with warmer 2.99 each
used 2 B1G1 coupon for the glass accents (minus 2.50x2)
2 B1G1 coupon for the refills (minus 2.99x2)
used 10.00 ecbs
Total oop: 3.36 (had to buy the babysitter a Mt Dew as well LOL)
Got back 10.00 ecbs (Glade deal get 5 ecbs WYB $10)
Not a bad CVS week. I noticed too that 2 of the three stores I went to now have scanners!! Woot!!
To see more CVS Superstars, check out The "Cent"sible Sawyer!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Being Eastern Orthodox, we began our Advent season on November 15th. In our family, we normally start the 40 days off well but then we kind of peter out.

When we were first Orthodox we did the Advent wreath as found in "Making God Real in the Orthodox Home" After the first few years though, we found it to be kind of cheesy. We found some Advent materials from an Orthodox publisher and started using those. This year we opted to go back to the Making God Real advent wreath with the different colored candles but adding in our own discussion and such.

I also bought an Advent Calendar from Paidea Press for this year. The kids are really enjoying it so far. We open a window in the morning when we do our regular prayers, Gospel and Saints before school.

Normally we place our wreath on the dining room table but often we would have to move it for school or eating or whatever. This year though about 2 days before the fast started, a friend of ours from church gave me a sewing machine in a cabinet. I wasn't sure where I was going to put it so had just scooted it out of the way but then thought, "Hey this would be perfect for our advent stuff!" So that is what I did.

As you can see, to the left of this is our icon corner. So far it has worked out pretty good.

The children are now looking forward to St Nicholas day (I ordered chocolate coins from Paidea as well). We decorate on December 6th--or close to it. Then we have St Herman day which is my oldest's feast day on December 13th and then on the 19th my oldest turns 18. *sigh*

December is full of stuff but I like having the Advent stuff out in the living room to help us remember what our focus really is during this time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Target Halloween Clearance Pt 2

My parents came to visit this weekend. I told Mom when she got here on Thursday that Friday morning at 8am I would be at Target for the 90 percent off Halloween clearance. She agreed to get up and go with me. LOL So we got to Target about 8:10, rushed to the back where Halloween stuff was and found....still 75% off and much to my dismay---NO CANDY! Normally, the back wall still has a bunch of candy left but not this year. I saw someone working in the area and asked about 90 percent off. She said, "Tomorrow morning." *bummer* I figured since there was no candy left, I wouldn't come back. And we would just wait for Christmas clearance. *heavy sigh*

Today, my parents left and my husband was gone for much of the day. I had unexpected company for a few hours. I wasn't itching to go to Target (shocking, I know). But then, the question came from each of the children at different times, "What's for supper, Mom?" WHAT?!?! I need to think about supper? My 2yo came to me with big smiling eyes and said, "Dit-donalds???" I gave in. Oh but wait, there is a new sub shop opened right by Target. *grin* So I said I would get subs for some and McD's for others and of course, stop in at Target but I knew that there would be nothing left. Yeah right......

That was the "nothing" I got. LOL 8 Pez dispensers (19 cents each); 3 2-in-1 lights (49 cents); one cat nip toy (39 cents); a shirt and a little candy. But my best deal was the cookies--OK I went a little overboard--I bought 8 Ghosts ones and 16 of the pumpkin ones...for 25 cents each!! *woot* They are in the freezer. I bought some when they were 50 and when they were 75 too. I didn't buy all that was there today and I did let some other people know about it. So don't think that I was being greedy.

I also got a few costumes for my boys to play "dress up" with.

My 2yo with just the Transformers mask on. Notice his shirt is inside out for some reason AND he has 2 different socks on. LOL But he sure is cute!

My 7yo as Optimus Prime and the 5yo as some sort of evil gladiator.

A clone (my 9yo) and the 2yo again

Don't know what this is but the 9yo thought he looked tough. LOL

My favorite thing about Target's new computer system is that it shows how much you saved on your trip. Today's receipt says, "You Saved 256.93"

As my girls told me when I told them, "Mom, you rock Target clearance!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Clearance at Target

That is my first haul from 50% off--well two hauls actually. Not pictured is 7 2-pks of Bounty paper towels. Normally I only purchase at 50% off what will not make it to 75% off. And normally it isn't this much...but when I ventured to Target on Saturday, I was shocked at how much was gone. I have never seen a clearance go so fast. I went back Sunday evening (for milk LOL) and there was even less so I grabbed a few more things.
Tomorrow the clearance should be 75% off and my plan is to head out to be there when they open. I didn't get any candy because I normally wait until 90 percent but I fear that I will miss out on the good stuff if I don't go tomorrow.
While at Target check out the Glade deal. If you purchase 4 holiday scented candles, you get a $5 GC. There are various coupons floating around. I bought the apple cinnamon on Saturday with B1G1 q's and found B2G1 q's and a $2 off coupon inside!! They were running low at my Target but hopefully they will get more in--I think the deal lasts until December sometime.
Also this week, you can get Kelloggs cereal and a free gallon of milk (some Targets are giving a GC). If you manged to get the $1 q's for Kelloggs it is a pretty good deal.
I love Target!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

CVS 10/11/08

I think I said last week that I was going to make an effort to get to CVS earlier in the week--well, I didn't and I couldn't find some things that I wanted. Here is what I did get...

  • 2 Irish Spring Speed Stick deoderant
  • 1 Bic Soleil razor
  • 2 Soleil 4 count cartridge refills
  • 2 CVS brand spray sanitizer
  • 1 Colgate MaxFresh
  • 2 Purex detergent
  • 1 Vitamin Water

Everything gave me ECBs back except for the Purex. The Purex was on sale for 2.99 (down from 6.99) and I had coupons. I almost didn't get it but a woman ahead of me in line asked the manager if they had any in the back--they did--so I had him get me 2 as well.

Total before: 37.19

I used 6.35 in q's and 14.00 in ECBs making my OOP 18.37 but I got back 20.29 in ECBs and 4 pretty good CVS coupons. I don't think this week at CVS is anything great--which is OK, I will be busy with our parish's Greek Festival and probably will not make it to the store at all. LOL But my ECBs are all rolled into November now so that is alright.

I'm a Winner!!

Look at all that great stuff!! I usually do not enter giveaways that I see on blogs simply because I always think, "I would never win" but look...the first time I decide to enter one, what happens?? I WIN!! *woot*
These are products from Kiss My Face new children's line.
I found this great giveaway over at Common Sense with Money.
I received my box yesterday and I was totally surprised at how much stuff there was. I mean I knew from the blog post what was being sent but I guess I didn't really *think* about it. LOL
My winnings included:
  • A set of two lip balms
  • A Detangler
  • One Bubble Wash
  • Two Toothpaste tubes : one with fluoride and one without
  • One Self foaming Hand Wash
  • One Shampoo and Conditioner
  • One Self Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash
  • A Whale of a Soap Set (two soaps)

All were full size products and let me tell you, they smell soooooo good! I don't think I will have a problem having the boys get a bath tonight! LOL

I just might enter more blog giveaways in the future! Real people DO win these!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

CVS 10/4/2008

I missed CVS last week because my ad went from being Friday thru Thursday back to Sun-Sat--it really threw me off LOL I told my girls today that I needed to get back to going early in the week rather than waiting until Saturday to try to find stuff. The only thing I did not get on this trip that I wanted to was the Wellpatch. My CVS had one box but it only had one pad in it rather than 3. ::raising eyebrow::
Here is what I did today:
2 Sunsilk 3.50 each (1.50 coupon)--get back 2 ECBs
Covergirl Foundation 5.49 (had B1G1 free coupon--the blush was free)--get 5.79 ECBs
Colgate toothpaste 2.50 each (.75 coupons)--get back 2 ECBs
Warm Delights 2.19 each (50 cent coupons)--buy 2 get 1 ECBs (not a great deal but I love these things LOL)
Tide on sale 4.99 ($1 coupons)
Total before: 42.22
ECBs/Coupons used: 33.02
OOP: 9.20
ECBs Earned: 13.29
Not too bad I guess.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Twice in One Day

I have not had major problems using coupons at my favorite stores. One day last week, the cashier at Food Lion asked the manager about some I had but they were all OK. Today though was a different story. *sigh*

I only had 4 coupons I wanted to use all for the same thing, Gorton's Fish which was B1G1. I bought 4 bags and had 4 q's to use. As soon as the cashier looked at them she said, "Oh honey, we aren't going to be able to take these." Then she turned to get the manager. When the manager came over she explained that it is certain internet coupons they would not be taking. I asked if there was a way to know for sure? And she said that there were certain things that they will be looking at to determine. I said, "So it would be better to not bring in printables?"

"Oh no, you can bring them but we will just decide if we will let you use them."

I wanted to explain that I use my coupons to get the lowest price and that I shop and plan my menus based on the q's I have but there was no use. *sigh* Another one bites the dust due to fraud.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Walmart to pick up film but wanted to also get cheap chocolate chips. I again had 2 internet q's to use. My fave cashier in the garden center said that they had had a meeting just that morning saying that they were no longer taking printables. *grrr*

And another one gone...

I do the bulk of my shopping at Food Lion but I might need to venture to Publix more in order to get the good deals.

Oh well. I guess it was bound to happen. I was having a crappy day anyhow. LOL

To all of you who use coupons fraudulently, I just want to say, thanks for screwing it up for those of us who are honest and just trying to feed our families! Thank you very much!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Still working out some kinks to my menu plan but so far it is working pretty well. Planning out my lunches is making a big difference in how our day goes and I actually think that I am saving a little money by doing it.


Lunch: Chicken Nuggets

Supper: Roast in crock pot


Lunch: Frozen pizza

Supper: Chicken and biscuits

Wednesday...fast day

Lunch: Fish sticks

Supper: French toast


Lunch: Corn dogs

Supper: "Pizza Things" (mini calzones)

Friday...fast day

Lunch: Mac and Cheese or sandwiches

Supper: Fish

To see more Monday Menu Plans go to: http://orgjunkie.com/

Couponizer Giveaway

Head over to Common Sense With Money for a chance or three to win The Couponizer!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CVS 9-20-08

I hit CVS today after being hit or miss on it for the last few months. I have even *gasp* allowed some ECBs to expire! LOL I was going to do this trip in 2 transactions to save more money but I had a fussy baby and so just did it all at once.
L'oreal Revitalist 11.99
Adidas deoderant 4.99
Crest Prohealth 2.99
Nivea Men's body wash 4.99
V05 shampoo 65 cents
Used: 14.58 (About) ECBs and 3.75 in coupons
6.95 oop
got back 30.98 in ECBs--$6 of those were for the Revlon nail polish deal from last week or the week before that I didn't get. I wrote to CS and they were more than willing to make sure I got me ECBs.
I also got 3 coupons with my receipt.
Getting back into the groove little by little.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I find that I do much better during the week with a plan. Since we started school last week, I have also been planning lunches to make my life easier while we homeschool. Not the most nutricious plan but it is a plan!
Monday: lunch-leftovers or sandwich; supper-pork loin
Tuesday: l-corn dogs; s-dd pick (it is her Patronal feast day)
Wednesday: l-fish sticks; s-get your own (I have 3 that need to go to volleyball by 6pm on Wed)
Thursday: l-chicken nuggets; s-sweet and sour meatballs and rice
Friday: l-pizza rolls; s-spaghetti
I don't normally plan Saturday or Sunday but I need to start at least planning Sunday. Crock-pot meals would be easiest.
Too see more menu plans check out: Organizing Junkie

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mall Savings

Not only do I check other blogs for deals but I also seek them out via message boards. One of my favorites is Fishing For Deals This is a community of women who simply post what they are finding where they are so that you can check your stores. Most often I look at the Target thread and Kmart. It is also good reference to know when sales will be starting which is what I used it for yesterday. I noticed an Old Navy post mentioned 50% off all clearance.

For those not familiar with this wonderful sale, let me fill you in! ALL of the clearance stuff is an ADDITIONAL 50% off!! Old Navy usually has it twice each year; once in January and again in July. I usually go in January to load up on boys pants. In my opinion, these pants hold up incredibly well! I have six boys---I know of what I speak! In July, I just grab whatever we need at the moment--this time it was shirts for church and baby clothes.

I noticed in the post at FFD, that not all stores were having the sale so it was suggested that you call to make sure. Yesterday I called my local (and only) Old Navy. A friendly young man named, Thomas answered the phone. I said, "Can you tell me if you are having the add...." and he jumped in, "Additional 50% off clearance? Yes we are!! Come on in and get you some stuff!!" I told him I would!

Today I made my way to the mall. Our ON always has a bunch of stuff on clearance. Sometimes it is overwhelming (I know, that is hard to believe but it is true!) Today was no exception. Rack after rack of clothes. My two girls made their way to the young ladies stuff while I wandered through young mens, boys, infant and toddler. I did pretty good I think.

I tallied up what we had before we got the register so that I would know for sure--I didn't want to spend more than $60 (for 8 kids that is pretty low). At the register, I chatted with Aaron who was impressed with my "Cadillac of Strollers" I was apparently "rockin'" LOL. I found that his father had 11 children and we chatted about free babysitting and loving' my girls (me not him LOL). When he gave me my total it was about $66, then he handed me a $10 off coupon which I started to stick in my purse. He kind of quietly said, "Girl, hold up, read that...that is good from TODAY until the 31st." I smiled and said, "Oh, can I use this today???" acting very innocent. He said, "Sure, ma'am!" LOL

So in the end I purchased: 16 shirts; 1 pair of jeans; 1 set of PJs and 2 packs of socks (3 pr each) for a total of 55.38! A total discount savings of almost $72!! *woot*

After we left Old Navy our savings was not done! I remembered to bring an Aunt Annie's coupone with me so we also got 2 pretzels (B1G1). Then we sat in the food court eating our pretzels while I fed the baby.

Next stop was EB Games for the oldest son who was at home babysitting. I found 2 games he wanted for 7.99 each and another for 2.99 so everyone was happy.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

CVS Saturday Deals 7/12/2008

Again, no camera means no pictures. *boo hoo*

Transaction #1
4 Dawn dishwashing liquid 2/$2
2 Olay cleansing cloths 4.99/each
2 olay body wash 5.99/each

I had 4 Olay coupons but for some reason only 2 were allowed. I never had that happen before. And she rang up the lowest ones first so I didn't get as much off as I could have. And she had trouble with the $3 off $15 coupon but she punched it in.

Total coupons: 5.00
used $16 ECBs
OOP: 5.45
got $12 ECBs

Transaction #2 (different CVS)
3 Pringles $1/each
4 Dawn $1 each
3 Febreeze Air Effects 2.50/each
1 Febreeze fabric freshener 3.99

2 Dawn q's; pringles q; 3 febreeze q's including the buy one get one free. Coupon total: 8.59
Didn't use any ECBs for some reason. LOL
OOP: 12.74
got back $8 ECBs

Not great but not bad either I guess. And now I have about 12 bottles of Dawn! That should last until the next time they go on sale. LOL

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


For several weeks, I have had on my to do list, "hall closet." This was a reminder to me that I needed to re-organize my stockpile and write down what we have there so that we know. I kept putting this job off because, well, other things came up, like playing on the computer and, um, well other stuff. LOL

Last night, dh came home from work and mentioned that he had cut himself at work (he works construction). When he got out of the shower he asked for a bandaid. I told him they were in the hall closet. He opened the door and his eyes grew very wide. I knew that trying to explain to him WHERE the bandaids were would be harder than just getting up and getting him one. I knew then that the hall closet job had to be done ASAP.

This is one of those posts that would be really cool with pictures showing before, during and after. But *sigh* I have no camera anymore. *sigh* I miss my camera. One of my friends suggested saving my ECBs to get a new one, which really isn't a bad idea. ::giggle::

Back to my stockpile, at one point my 15yo dd walked through the dining room where everything was sitting in nice little rows and said, "Um, are you opening a CVS?" *he he he*

Here is what I have:
19 tubes of toothpaste
4 Extra strength pain reliever
2 Advil PM
4 aspirin
2 Excedrin Migraine
5 mouthwash
5 ladies' deoderant
7 men's deoderant
2 air freshener spray
3 glade wisp candles
2 kids' shampoos
5 regular shampoo
3 conditioner
2 body wash type soap
3 big bottles of purell
3 little bottles of purell
3 face cleaner soap type things (noxema, etc)
2 hair gel
5 hand soap
3 women's razors
2 men's razors (but one is a 3-pack)
4 lip balm
9 manual toothbrushes
2 battery toothbrushes
4 packs of cotton swabs
2 boxes of PrepH wipes
3 boxes of Tums packet thingys

When my parents were here last month, I gave them several items. They take care of first aid at motorcycle events with the Christian Motorcycle Association. So I gave them the 3 glucose monitors I had along with several first aid type things. And since my dh prefers electric razors, I gave my Daddy some of the razors I had.

I am sure my stockpile is not as impressive as some others but I think this is pretty good for only doing this about 6 months or so. And now I know what I have and what we might want more of and what we DON'T need. LOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

School Supplies!!

I love this time of year when I can get school supplies for cheap!!!

Until tomorrow, you can get pencils, folder and Purell for 1 penny. They also have 3 ring binders for 25 cents. Since I am a homeschooler, I have a teacher reward card, this allowed me to get double the limit of stuff. So for about $2.50 we got: 20 2-pocket folders; 4 Purell; 4 pks of pencils; and 8 3 ring binders. Since Staple's is less than a mile from us, I might make another trip this afternoon and maybe tomorrow too. LOL

I also hit Walmart school supplies yesterday. Last year, we purchased about 300 notebooks for 10 cents each--not all at once, I would get about 100 each time. We might have gotten more than 300 but I don't remember. This year notebooks are 5 cents each!! *woot* I bought 50 yesterday (total 2.50). I will probably get more as time goes on. My little boys like to draw in these and for 5 cents each---I say, Draw Away!!

I don't get a lot of school stuff until Target has its big clearance. Then we tend to load up on scissors and other stuff like that.

Not to figure out where to put all this stuff. Hmmm....

Walgreen's Take 2

I wanted to do the diaper deal again at Walgreen's last week.

So I bought:
3 Scunci hair things
2 Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
1 Sunsilk shampoo
1 Sunsilk styler

I used $5 RR from the previous diaper deal and 2 Sunsilk q's

When my transaction was finished, I asked about my RR (should have been $5 for scunci and $2 for HBO). She said, "You used a coupon." I said, "Yeah, for the shampoo." She shrugged and said, "All I know if someone used a coupon yesterday and she didn't get the RR" It made no sense to me! LOL

I did the diaper deal then--3 pk of diapers. I used the q from the Easy Saver and got 7.50 off and THIS time got my $5 RR.

I still don't understand why my RR from the first transaction didn't print but oh well.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS 7/3/2008

It has been a few weeks since I have been to CVS. There just hasn't been anything to really make me want to go. After cruisin' some other blogs and message boards I decided to try and see if I could get in on some of the hidden ECBs or ECBs that were ringing up wrong. Well....that didn't work out too good. Of course, I might have read wrong or just I mighthave just been an air head. LOL At any rate, here is my sorry pathetic CVS trip today. LOL

2 CVS pantyliners 99 cents/each
2 Dr Peppers 1.39/each
2 Mt Dew 1.39/each
1 CVS makeup cleansing cloth 2.99
1 CVS petroleum jelly 1.99
1 revlon tweezer 2.99
1 revlon fingernail clippers 2.99

I used a $2 cvs q and a 1.50 q. Then I used 14.98 in ECBs thinking that I was going to get back about 13.96. So I paid 19 cents oop and got back a whole 6.48 in ECBs. *blech* a loss of 8.50 but I guess that is OK--live and learn. I think maybe my deal from Walgreens made up for it. LOL

Walgreens 7/3/2008

I have been lax in posting deals I have been getting. It just isn't as fun to post when you cannot show pictures but *sigh* my digital camera has died due to being "passed" between two of my children AND now it is missing altogether. We suspect that one of the smaller children understanding that the camera was broke, did what we tell them to do when something is broken--and threw it away. So until I get a new camera or find and fix the old one, posts without pictures will have to do.

I am still getting the hang of Walgreens but this week had a deal that I knew I could benefit from--diapers! I have 2 in diapers so every time I can save on them I do!

Today I bought:
Sunsilk Shampoo
Sunsilk style stuff
2 boxes of Honey bunches of Oats
3 jumbo pks of diapers
1 pk of batteries (not part of the deal, just something I remembered I needed when we got there LOL)

Sunsilk was B1G1 in the ad and I had Sunsilk q's--1.50 and 1.00 off so 4.29-2.50=1.79 for both
Diapers were on sale 5.99/each--I used the Easy Saver q. It took off 7.50. So 17.97-7.50=10.47
Cereal was 2 for $5 unfortunately I didn't have any q's

I paid about $20 oop and got back $7 in RR (5 for diapers and 2 for cereal). I plan to go back again at least once for more diapers. And I figure it is a good way to build up some RRs for stuff I need.

There is also the Scunci hair accessories which are 3 for $10 and get $5 RR back. That might be the next trip! LOL And of course, more cereal. LOL

Saturday, June 14, 2008

CVS 6/14/2008

My 2yo calls this cereal, "Bug Cereal" and he loves it! So when I saw it was a way to earn ECBs I thought, "What the heck!" I bought 6 boxes (3/$10). I used 4 $1 coupons; a $3/15 CVS coupon and a $10 ECB. I paid 3.21 oop and earned $10 in ECBs. Not bad I guess.

My second deal was derailed when the store I went to did not have the Oral B toothbrushes. They were also out of the mouthrinse so I did a little improv on the spot. I got 8 SmartWaters (1 litre each). They were on sale for $1 and in the CVS beauty booklets there are q's for $1 off 2. I also completed the swab and bandage deals. And then I found the Garnier stuff that is buy 2 get $10. I spent more oop than I would like since I only had q's for the water and for some reason I didn't have any ECBs attached with my deal sheet for this one. I will blame Mommy-brain. It ended up being 20.25 oop but I earned 13.99 in ECBs.

I started the week with 37.96 in ECBs (I used to have about $75 but a few weeks ago I let about $50 expire on accident. Yes, I was very sad and yes, I checked with all my local stores and no one would take them.). And ended with 51.95 in ECBs. Again not bad.

I am by no means an expert on this but I am learning and I have not needed to buy tooth paste in about 6 months (that doesn't mean that I haven't bought--I just haven't needed to! LOL) But to see more CVS'ing and people who really know what they are doing, check out The "Cent"sible Sawyer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walmart 6/10/2008

I don't often shop at Walmart unless I need something non-grocery related. I find that I can do better at Food Lion or Sam's for general grocery things. Plus, Walmart is always so busy that I just don't like going there. But since I started reading at http://moneysavingmom.com/ I thought that maybe I could get at least some deals there. Above are the results of my first "coupon trip" to Walmart.
3 jars of pickles
2 trial sizes of body wash
2 4-pks of yogurt
1 dental floss
1 3.5 lb bag of cat food
index cards, box and labels--not part of the deal just stuff I needed. LOL
Total before coupons: 20.64
Coupons: 12.00
Total oop: 9.74
The pickles were 1.08-1.88 amd I had 3 $1 off coupons.
The body wash was .97 and .79--again used $1 q's
The yogurt was 1.98--$1 coupons
Dental floss was .97--$1 coupon
Cat food 3.98 and used $4 coupon
Walmart takes off the full amount rather than adjusting down like other places do so some of the things had overages.
Not too bad. I wish that more of the deals posted elsewhere had worked but prices here in Savannah are a little higher than other places I guess. I might need to do more coupon shopping at Walmart.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CVS 6/3/08

2 Listerine Smart Rinses; 4 CVS cotton swabs; 2 CVS bandaid; 8 Dawn dishwashing liquid

Total before: 35.34

Q's and ECBs: 28.94

OOP: 6.40

ECBs earned: 22.96

CVS 6/2/08

Jumbo pack size 1 Pampers; Jumbo pack size 6 Pampers; 2 Pampers wet wipes
Price before sales: 29.96
After CVS card: 21.96
Coupons and ECBs: 15.38
OOP: 7.70
ECBs Earned: 5.00

CVS 5/17

This is a deal from May that I have had stored waiting until I could get to the computer to post. It gets busy with 8 children including a newborn. This purchase was 3 toothpastes, 4 tooth brushes, one deoderant and one glucose monitor.

Price before sales: 104.41
after using CVS card for sale prices: 37.92
coupons: 16.37
oop: 22.50
ECBs earned: 35.94

Kroger Deal

I did this deal on 5/24/08 at Kroger. I bought 2 mascara, 1 blush, 2 eye shadows,2 tooth brushes, 4 shampoos, 2 tooth pastes. Total before q's 54.52. Total out of pocket (oop): 16.34 for a savings of 38.18. I love double coupons combined with sales!

First Post

I am thinking of moving my blog to a place where it is easier to post and put things into categories. This might work.

I like to shop for different deals and my first few posts will be about this since I am dumping pics from my camera in anticipation for our trip to Tennessee tomorrow.

Will post more in depth stuff when I have time---I am supposed to be packing and giving hair cuts right now.