Saturday, November 8, 2008

Target Halloween Clearance Pt 2

My parents came to visit this weekend. I told Mom when she got here on Thursday that Friday morning at 8am I would be at Target for the 90 percent off Halloween clearance. She agreed to get up and go with me. LOL So we got to Target about 8:10, rushed to the back where Halloween stuff was and found....still 75% off and much to my dismay---NO CANDY! Normally, the back wall still has a bunch of candy left but not this year. I saw someone working in the area and asked about 90 percent off. She said, "Tomorrow morning." *bummer* I figured since there was no candy left, I wouldn't come back. And we would just wait for Christmas clearance. *heavy sigh*

Today, my parents left and my husband was gone for much of the day. I had unexpected company for a few hours. I wasn't itching to go to Target (shocking, I know). But then, the question came from each of the children at different times, "What's for supper, Mom?" WHAT?!?! I need to think about supper? My 2yo came to me with big smiling eyes and said, "Dit-donalds???" I gave in. Oh but wait, there is a new sub shop opened right by Target. *grin* So I said I would get subs for some and McD's for others and of course, stop in at Target but I knew that there would be nothing left. Yeah right......

That was the "nothing" I got. LOL 8 Pez dispensers (19 cents each); 3 2-in-1 lights (49 cents); one cat nip toy (39 cents); a shirt and a little candy. But my best deal was the cookies--OK I went a little overboard--I bought 8 Ghosts ones and 16 of the pumpkin ones...for 25 cents each!! *woot* They are in the freezer. I bought some when they were 50 and when they were 75 too. I didn't buy all that was there today and I did let some other people know about it. So don't think that I was being greedy.

I also got a few costumes for my boys to play "dress up" with.

My 2yo with just the Transformers mask on. Notice his shirt is inside out for some reason AND he has 2 different socks on. LOL But he sure is cute!

My 7yo as Optimus Prime and the 5yo as some sort of evil gladiator.

A clone (my 9yo) and the 2yo again

Don't know what this is but the 9yo thought he looked tough. LOL

My favorite thing about Target's new computer system is that it shows how much you saved on your trip. Today's receipt says, "You Saved 256.93"

As my girls told me when I told them, "Mom, you rock Target clearance!"


Kerri in WV said...

You DO rock, Bec!

Erin said...

Awesome! Halloween clearance at Target is my favorite! I go and buy costumes at 75 or 90 off and then put them away for Christmas gifts! My boys LOVE dress up clothes. This year I've got Spiderman and a Black Knight already socked away for Christmas morning. I got both for about $5 total!