Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Being Eastern Orthodox, we began our Advent season on November 15th. In our family, we normally start the 40 days off well but then we kind of peter out.

When we were first Orthodox we did the Advent wreath as found in "Making God Real in the Orthodox Home" After the first few years though, we found it to be kind of cheesy. We found some Advent materials from an Orthodox publisher and started using those. This year we opted to go back to the Making God Real advent wreath with the different colored candles but adding in our own discussion and such.

I also bought an Advent Calendar from Paidea Press for this year. The kids are really enjoying it so far. We open a window in the morning when we do our regular prayers, Gospel and Saints before school.

Normally we place our wreath on the dining room table but often we would have to move it for school or eating or whatever. This year though about 2 days before the fast started, a friend of ours from church gave me a sewing machine in a cabinet. I wasn't sure where I was going to put it so had just scooted it out of the way but then thought, "Hey this would be perfect for our advent stuff!" So that is what I did.

As you can see, to the left of this is our icon corner. So far it has worked out pretty good.

The children are now looking forward to St Nicholas day (I ordered chocolate coins from Paidea as well). We decorate on December 6th--or close to it. Then we have St Herman day which is my oldest's feast day on December 13th and then on the 19th my oldest turns 18. *sigh*

December is full of stuff but I like having the Advent stuff out in the living room to help us remember what our focus really is during this time.

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