Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Shopping at CVS

I knew that CVS was having a big three day sale starting today. I also knew that chances were if I didn't make it today, stuff would be sold out or I wouldn't make it at all. So this morning the girls and I ventured out to see what we could get.
2 Phillips universal remotes 6.99 each
1 Aussie leave-in conditioner 2.99
1 Aussie hair spray 2.99
1 Bic Soliel razor 5.99
1 Schick Quantro razor/trimmer 7.99
2 Colgate total toothpaste 2.99/each
1 L'oreal lip gloss 6.99
1 Garnier Face towellettes 5.99
1 Maybelline fondation 8.99
1 Covergirl smooth powder 5.99
3 gatorade G2 1.49 each
1 Sally Hansen nail polish 3.79
Total: 76.14
Used 10.50 in coupons
30.00 in ECBs
total out of pocket: 38.70
Earned 65.16 in ECBs for next time.
So I made about 26.00 profit today and I could go back and get a few more things since I did not get the max on a few of the deals. The cashier said that I had the longest receipt she had seen in a long time. LOL If I hold it over my head it still drags the floor. LOL
Still thinking about hitting Walgreens or Rite Aid today for more free stuff but might just wait. I mean we already have enough toothpaste for the next year or more. LOL And I have more make-up than I will ever wear in my life time. LOL But it sure is fun to come home and spread everything out and say, "This was all free!!" LOL

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