Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS this week

This week I made three trips to CVS. I knew I wanted to get in on the battery deal since we tend to go through a TON of batteries. My first stop I bought 2 16-pks of AA and one 4-pk of AAA. I used 3 75 cents off coupons. My oop was a little more than I would have liked because I purchased some candy to send to a friend. :wink: But I earned 15.00 ecbs for the batteries.

The next store I went to was out of the big packs of batteries but I found one lone 16 pk of AA at the next store and also got an 8-pk. Total oop on that deal about 4.00 and I got back 15.00 ecbs again.

When I couldn't find the batteries at the 2nd store I used my "back up deal"--the glade. I had several B1G1 free coupons.
Here is my deal:
4 Glade glass accents 2.50 each
4 Vanilla Breeze refill with warmer 2.99 each
used 2 B1G1 coupon for the glass accents (minus 2.50x2)
2 B1G1 coupon for the refills (minus 2.99x2)
used 10.00 ecbs
Total oop: 3.36 (had to buy the babysitter a Mt Dew as well LOL)
Got back 10.00 ecbs (Glade deal get 5 ecbs WYB $10)
Not a bad CVS week. I noticed too that 2 of the three stores I went to now have scanners!! Woot!!
To see more CVS Superstars, check out The "Cent"sible Sawyer!!

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