Saturday, October 11, 2008

CVS 10/11/08

I think I said last week that I was going to make an effort to get to CVS earlier in the week--well, I didn't and I couldn't find some things that I wanted. Here is what I did get...

  • 2 Irish Spring Speed Stick deoderant
  • 1 Bic Soleil razor
  • 2 Soleil 4 count cartridge refills
  • 2 CVS brand spray sanitizer
  • 1 Colgate MaxFresh
  • 2 Purex detergent
  • 1 Vitamin Water

Everything gave me ECBs back except for the Purex. The Purex was on sale for 2.99 (down from 6.99) and I had coupons. I almost didn't get it but a woman ahead of me in line asked the manager if they had any in the back--they did--so I had him get me 2 as well.

Total before: 37.19

I used 6.35 in q's and 14.00 in ECBs making my OOP 18.37 but I got back 20.29 in ECBs and 4 pretty good CVS coupons. I don't think this week at CVS is anything great--which is OK, I will be busy with our parish's Greek Festival and probably will not make it to the store at all. LOL But my ECBs are all rolled into November now so that is alright.

I'm a Winner!!

Look at all that great stuff!! I usually do not enter giveaways that I see on blogs simply because I always think, "I would never win" but look...the first time I decide to enter one, what happens?? I WIN!! *woot*
These are products from Kiss My Face new children's line.
I found this great giveaway over at Common Sense with Money.
I received my box yesterday and I was totally surprised at how much stuff there was. I mean I knew from the blog post what was being sent but I guess I didn't really *think* about it. LOL
My winnings included:
  • A set of two lip balms
  • A Detangler
  • One Bubble Wash
  • Two Toothpaste tubes : one with fluoride and one without
  • One Self foaming Hand Wash
  • One Shampoo and Conditioner
  • One Self Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash
  • A Whale of a Soap Set (two soaps)

All were full size products and let me tell you, they smell soooooo good! I don't think I will have a problem having the boys get a bath tonight! LOL

I just might enter more blog giveaways in the future! Real people DO win these!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

CVS 10/4/2008

I missed CVS last week because my ad went from being Friday thru Thursday back to Sun-Sat--it really threw me off LOL I told my girls today that I needed to get back to going early in the week rather than waiting until Saturday to try to find stuff. The only thing I did not get on this trip that I wanted to was the Wellpatch. My CVS had one box but it only had one pad in it rather than 3. ::raising eyebrow::
Here is what I did today:
2 Sunsilk 3.50 each (1.50 coupon)--get back 2 ECBs
Covergirl Foundation 5.49 (had B1G1 free coupon--the blush was free)--get 5.79 ECBs
Colgate toothpaste 2.50 each (.75 coupons)--get back 2 ECBs
Warm Delights 2.19 each (50 cent coupons)--buy 2 get 1 ECBs (not a great deal but I love these things LOL)
Tide on sale 4.99 ($1 coupons)
Total before: 42.22
ECBs/Coupons used: 33.02
OOP: 9.20
ECBs Earned: 13.29
Not too bad I guess.
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