Friday, January 30, 2009

CVS 1/27/09

Quick trip to CVS this week.

1 Pert shampoo

5 Gillette Shampoo

1 Blade deoderant

3 Listerine Smart Rinse

2 Mentos

3 Bayer (one was a bonus pack)

2 Kids Throat Cooler

Total before coupons: 66.84

Used Coupons: 16.54

Used ECBs: 50.00

Oop: 1.42

Earned: 37.98

ECBs I have now: 53.06

Walgreens 1/24/09

This is the result of actually 2 trips to Walgreens. I don't normally shop Walgreens because everytime I have, I have had problems using coupons or RR or something. There is another Walgreens I could try but it is farther than I would like to drive and is pretty much out of the way for me.

On my first visit, I got the Ragu, Skippy, Pepsi and Kotex. I earned $21 in RR. I told the cashier, "I will be right back to use those in a minute." We took the stuff out to the car and came back in. On the 2nd visit I got the Lipton tea bags, Pantene shampoo, Kotex and Lever soap. I used several q's for all of it. After those my total was $41.xx she then tried to use my RR and they wouldn't work. She said, "You should have used these first." And I am thinking, "YOU should have put them in first since I handed them to you that way." She tried several time and they would not work. *grrrrr* So she handed them back to me. I still save almost $30 on that trip but wanted to use the RR to lower my oop. I also earned another $10 RR.

So from the two trips me oop was about $70 and I earned $31 RR. Frustrated, I decided to just go spend the RR the next week.

I stopped in on Tuesday, the 27th and got this:

6 packs of diapers. They were on sale for 5.99. I have 2 in diapers (one I need to start potty training). So this is helpful and something that I needed. I also got 3 cokes for my shopping helpers. LOL My oop was 11.26 (probably should have only gotten 5 packs but I like things to be even. LOL)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CVS 1/20/2009

I had about $64 in ECBs that were set to expire today. I hate when I do that but there haven't been any decent deals at CVS or rather nothing I wanted to venture out to get. Plus we had all that sickness over Christmas and New Years. So I just held on to them until I HAD to go.

I wrote down a few things to look at but when I got there, of course, no shampoo and a few other things I was hoping to get. So here is how I did...

4 12-pks of Pepsi products
3 bags of chips
1 Clairol Hair Instincts
2 CVS allergy med
3 American Greetings cards
2 Maybelline Mineral Powder
3 Sambucol immune system support

Total before: 95.49
used 2.00 q
used 64.26 ecb
oop 30.58 (more than I really wanted to spend oop but I was flustered and in a rush LOL)

Earned: 65.08 in ECBs plus 4 computer coupons

So I actually ended up with more ECBs than I started with, which I wasn't planning on but is OK by me. Hopefully I won't sit on these ones...come on CVS give us some good deals!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Target Toy Clearance

Sorry about the glare on the picture but you get the idea. Target is having its big January toy clearance. I had been real good about not going because we really do not need more toys but today I gave in after reading on one of my favorite messages boards that there were rumors of toys going 90 percent off!!! Anyone who knows/follows Target clearances, knows that this is unheard of! Only holidays go 90 percent off. I still had to check it out.
As my daughter and I made our way to toys I saw standing close to the toys, my favorite mark down lady!! WOOT! We moved a little quicker. I overheard her discussion over time with the manager LOL. When they were done talking, I told her that I love seeing her in the toy department. She told me where they had already been and what still needed done. I asked her about 90 percent off and she denied it. I still will check later this week. LOL
This is what I got today...
Electronic Doodle Pro 5.48
Mad Science Dinosaur kit 3.94
2 Lapdesks with stamps and such 3.74 each
Barbie with 3 puppies 4.98
Breyer Stablemates 4.98
Stormtrooper Potato head 2.74
R2-D2 potato head 2.74
Othello 2.48
Yahtzee Free for All 2.24
Zooreka 2.98
American Girl 300 Wishes 4.98
Monopoly Town 1.98
Horton Hears a Who game 4.98
Thomas the Train engine 1.72
Clipo set 4.98
Vtech smartboard 6.24
King Arthur figures 2.98
Word World Stamp kit 2.38
I also got a few shirts for 1.48 and some cereal for 1.97. So I didn't just get junk. LOL I put most of the stuff away for birthdays or namedays. I am not stupid enough to think I can hold it until Christmas. LOL
This made up a little for the lame Old Navy clearance last week I guess---although we needed pants much more than we needed toys. LOL
I told my girls that most of them are board games because when everything goes digital we won't be able to watch any TV---we will need something to do. LOL

Menu Plan Monday

Monday~Pizza Rolls; Hamburger Helper
Tuesday~Pigs in the Blanket; Chicken and Rice
Wednesday~Fish sticks; Spaghetti
Thursday~(Timothy's Nameday--he picks meals)~chicken noodle soup; Dairy Queen
Friday~Spaghetti O's or mac and cheese; Tuna casserole
For more menu plans check out

Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Lunch: leftovers
Supper: gyros
Lunch: corn dogs
Supper: chicken and biscuits
Lunch: spag o's
Supper: Tuna casserole
Lunch: pizza rolls
Supper: meatloaf
Lunch: grilled cheese
Supper: pancakes
Lunch: leftovers
Supper: pizza