Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CVS 1/20/2009

I had about $64 in ECBs that were set to expire today. I hate when I do that but there haven't been any decent deals at CVS or rather nothing I wanted to venture out to get. Plus we had all that sickness over Christmas and New Years. So I just held on to them until I HAD to go.

I wrote down a few things to look at but when I got there, of course, no shampoo and a few other things I was hoping to get. So here is how I did...

4 12-pks of Pepsi products
3 bags of chips
1 Clairol Hair Instincts
2 CVS allergy med
3 American Greetings cards
2 Maybelline Mineral Powder
3 Sambucol immune system support

Total before: 95.49
used 2.00 q
used 64.26 ecb
oop 30.58 (more than I really wanted to spend oop but I was flustered and in a rush LOL)

Earned: 65.08 in ECBs plus 4 computer coupons

So I actually ended up with more ECBs than I started with, which I wasn't planning on but is OK by me. Hopefully I won't sit on these ones...come on CVS give us some good deals!!!


Kerri in WV said...

Today I went in armed with the BOGO Qs for the Children's Throat Coolers. I did this 3X, using three cards LOL (mine, Han's and Kyle's) I bought two, paid 4.99 ($4 ecb and a buck) and got $9.98 back in EBCs. So I made about $15 on the deal!!!!

Rebecca said...

Ours was out of the throat coolers but I have the B1G1 q's too. Good thing that is a monthly deal LOL

Kerri in WV said...

Hopefully yours will stock them soon! I am going to look again before the end of the month, cause Meg and Mom will get them on their cards too :)