Saturday, October 4, 2008

CVS 10/4/2008

I missed CVS last week because my ad went from being Friday thru Thursday back to Sun-Sat--it really threw me off LOL I told my girls today that I needed to get back to going early in the week rather than waiting until Saturday to try to find stuff. The only thing I did not get on this trip that I wanted to was the Wellpatch. My CVS had one box but it only had one pad in it rather than 3. ::raising eyebrow::
Here is what I did today:
2 Sunsilk 3.50 each (1.50 coupon)--get back 2 ECBs
Covergirl Foundation 5.49 (had B1G1 free coupon--the blush was free)--get 5.79 ECBs
Colgate toothpaste 2.50 each (.75 coupons)--get back 2 ECBs
Warm Delights 2.19 each (50 cent coupons)--buy 2 get 1 ECBs (not a great deal but I love these things LOL)
Tide on sale 4.99 ($1 coupons)
Total before: 42.22
ECBs/Coupons used: 33.02
OOP: 9.20
ECBs Earned: 13.29
Not too bad I guess.
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