Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS 7/3/2008

It has been a few weeks since I have been to CVS. There just hasn't been anything to really make me want to go. After cruisin' some other blogs and message boards I decided to try and see if I could get in on some of the hidden ECBs or ECBs that were ringing up wrong. Well....that didn't work out too good. Of course, I might have read wrong or just I mighthave just been an air head. LOL At any rate, here is my sorry pathetic CVS trip today. LOL

2 CVS pantyliners 99 cents/each
2 Dr Peppers 1.39/each
2 Mt Dew 1.39/each
1 CVS makeup cleansing cloth 2.99
1 CVS petroleum jelly 1.99
1 revlon tweezer 2.99
1 revlon fingernail clippers 2.99

I used a $2 cvs q and a 1.50 q. Then I used 14.98 in ECBs thinking that I was going to get back about 13.96. So I paid 19 cents oop and got back a whole 6.48 in ECBs. *blech* a loss of 8.50 but I guess that is OK--live and learn. I think maybe my deal from Walgreens made up for it. LOL

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