Friday, July 18, 2008

Mall Savings

Not only do I check other blogs for deals but I also seek them out via message boards. One of my favorites is Fishing For Deals This is a community of women who simply post what they are finding where they are so that you can check your stores. Most often I look at the Target thread and Kmart. It is also good reference to know when sales will be starting which is what I used it for yesterday. I noticed an Old Navy post mentioned 50% off all clearance.

For those not familiar with this wonderful sale, let me fill you in! ALL of the clearance stuff is an ADDITIONAL 50% off!! Old Navy usually has it twice each year; once in January and again in July. I usually go in January to load up on boys pants. In my opinion, these pants hold up incredibly well! I have six boys---I know of what I speak! In July, I just grab whatever we need at the moment--this time it was shirts for church and baby clothes.

I noticed in the post at FFD, that not all stores were having the sale so it was suggested that you call to make sure. Yesterday I called my local (and only) Old Navy. A friendly young man named, Thomas answered the phone. I said, "Can you tell me if you are having the add...." and he jumped in, "Additional 50% off clearance? Yes we are!! Come on in and get you some stuff!!" I told him I would!

Today I made my way to the mall. Our ON always has a bunch of stuff on clearance. Sometimes it is overwhelming (I know, that is hard to believe but it is true!) Today was no exception. Rack after rack of clothes. My two girls made their way to the young ladies stuff while I wandered through young mens, boys, infant and toddler. I did pretty good I think.

I tallied up what we had before we got the register so that I would know for sure--I didn't want to spend more than $60 (for 8 kids that is pretty low). At the register, I chatted with Aaron who was impressed with my "Cadillac of Strollers" I was apparently "rockin'" LOL. I found that his father had 11 children and we chatted about free babysitting and loving' my girls (me not him LOL). When he gave me my total it was about $66, then he handed me a $10 off coupon which I started to stick in my purse. He kind of quietly said, "Girl, hold up, read that...that is good from TODAY until the 31st." I smiled and said, "Oh, can I use this today???" acting very innocent. He said, "Sure, ma'am!" LOL

So in the end I purchased: 16 shirts; 1 pair of jeans; 1 set of PJs and 2 packs of socks (3 pr each) for a total of 55.38! A total discount savings of almost $72!! *woot*

After we left Old Navy our savings was not done! I remembered to bring an Aunt Annie's coupone with me so we also got 2 pretzels (B1G1). Then we sat in the food court eating our pretzels while I fed the baby.

Next stop was EB Games for the oldest son who was at home babysitting. I found 2 games he wanted for 7.99 each and another for 2.99 so everyone was happy.


kim said...

AND he called you "girl" -- that's worth at least $10 to an old mom, right? ;-) LOL

Erin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. And, I'm glad I read this. I'm going to stop in our Old Navy tomorrow just in case there is anything left. Old Navy makes the ONLY dress pants my oldest son can wear because he's so skinny! Everything else just falls off.