Thursday, July 10, 2008


For several weeks, I have had on my to do list, "hall closet." This was a reminder to me that I needed to re-organize my stockpile and write down what we have there so that we know. I kept putting this job off because, well, other things came up, like playing on the computer and, um, well other stuff. LOL

Last night, dh came home from work and mentioned that he had cut himself at work (he works construction). When he got out of the shower he asked for a bandaid. I told him they were in the hall closet. He opened the door and his eyes grew very wide. I knew that trying to explain to him WHERE the bandaids were would be harder than just getting up and getting him one. I knew then that the hall closet job had to be done ASAP.

This is one of those posts that would be really cool with pictures showing before, during and after. But *sigh* I have no camera anymore. *sigh* I miss my camera. One of my friends suggested saving my ECBs to get a new one, which really isn't a bad idea. ::giggle::

Back to my stockpile, at one point my 15yo dd walked through the dining room where everything was sitting in nice little rows and said, "Um, are you opening a CVS?" *he he he*

Here is what I have:
19 tubes of toothpaste
4 Extra strength pain reliever
2 Advil PM
4 aspirin
2 Excedrin Migraine
5 mouthwash
5 ladies' deoderant
7 men's deoderant
2 air freshener spray
3 glade wisp candles
2 kids' shampoos
5 regular shampoo
3 conditioner
2 body wash type soap
3 big bottles of purell
3 little bottles of purell
3 face cleaner soap type things (noxema, etc)
2 hair gel
5 hand soap
3 women's razors
2 men's razors (but one is a 3-pack)
4 lip balm
9 manual toothbrushes
2 battery toothbrushes
4 packs of cotton swabs
2 boxes of PrepH wipes
3 boxes of Tums packet thingys

When my parents were here last month, I gave them several items. They take care of first aid at motorcycle events with the Christian Motorcycle Association. So I gave them the 3 glucose monitors I had along with several first aid type things. And since my dh prefers electric razors, I gave my Daddy some of the razors I had.

I am sure my stockpile is not as impressive as some others but I think this is pretty good for only doing this about 6 months or so. And now I know what I have and what we might want more of and what we DON'T need. LOL

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