Tuesday, July 8, 2008

School Supplies!!

I love this time of year when I can get school supplies for cheap!!!

Until tomorrow, you can get pencils, folder and Purell for 1 penny. They also have 3 ring binders for 25 cents. Since I am a homeschooler, I have a teacher reward card, this allowed me to get double the limit of stuff. So for about $2.50 we got: 20 2-pocket folders; 4 Purell; 4 pks of pencils; and 8 3 ring binders. Since Staple's is less than a mile from us, I might make another trip this afternoon and maybe tomorrow too. LOL

I also hit Walmart school supplies yesterday. Last year, we purchased about 300 notebooks for 10 cents each--not all at once, I would get about 100 each time. We might have gotten more than 300 but I don't remember. This year notebooks are 5 cents each!! *woot* I bought 50 yesterday (total 2.50). I will probably get more as time goes on. My little boys like to draw in these and for 5 cents each---I say, Draw Away!!

I don't get a lot of school stuff until Target has its big clearance. Then we tend to load up on scissors and other stuff like that.

Not to figure out where to put all this stuff. Hmmm....

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Kim in MI said...

until tomorrow!?!? maybe you should've told me sooner!