Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walgreens 7/3/2008

I have been lax in posting deals I have been getting. It just isn't as fun to post when you cannot show pictures but *sigh* my digital camera has died due to being "passed" between two of my children AND now it is missing altogether. We suspect that one of the smaller children understanding that the camera was broke, did what we tell them to do when something is broken--and threw it away. So until I get a new camera or find and fix the old one, posts without pictures will have to do.

I am still getting the hang of Walgreens but this week had a deal that I knew I could benefit from--diapers! I have 2 in diapers so every time I can save on them I do!

Today I bought:
Sunsilk Shampoo
Sunsilk style stuff
2 boxes of Honey bunches of Oats
3 jumbo pks of diapers
1 pk of batteries (not part of the deal, just something I remembered I needed when we got there LOL)

Sunsilk was B1G1 in the ad and I had Sunsilk q's--1.50 and 1.00 off so 4.29-2.50=1.79 for both
Diapers were on sale 5.99/each--I used the Easy Saver q. It took off 7.50. So 17.97-7.50=10.47
Cereal was 2 for $5 unfortunately I didn't have any q's

I paid about $20 oop and got back $7 in RR (5 for diapers and 2 for cereal). I plan to go back again at least once for more diapers. And I figure it is a good way to build up some RRs for stuff I need.

There is also the Scunci hair accessories which are 3 for $10 and get $5 RR back. That might be the next trip! LOL And of course, more cereal. LOL


Dahris said...

rsBecky- there is another q for diapers at the pharmacy. I got another 5.00 off-smallfryd

Anonymous said...

I found out over the weekend that we have a Walgreens in a different town that I can shop in. I need to figure it out as I am not going to be able to do CVS any more.