Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I find that I do much better during the week with a plan. Since we started school last week, I have also been planning lunches to make my life easier while we homeschool. Not the most nutricious plan but it is a plan!
Monday: lunch-leftovers or sandwich; supper-pork loin
Tuesday: l-corn dogs; s-dd pick (it is her Patronal feast day)
Wednesday: l-fish sticks; s-get your own (I have 3 that need to go to volleyball by 6pm on Wed)
Thursday: l-chicken nuggets; s-sweet and sour meatballs and rice
Friday: l-pizza rolls; s-spaghetti
I don't normally plan Saturday or Sunday but I need to start at least planning Sunday. Crock-pot meals would be easiest.
Too see more menu plans check out: Organizing Junkie


Kerri in WV said...

Does this mean you are blogging again :) Sweet and sour meatballs are the best!

kim said...

unless you're vegan. :knowing nod: ;)

I wish I could plan.

I'm an organizing l00zR

Kerri in WV said...

sweet and sour brown rice with pineapple then :)