Saturday, September 20, 2008

CVS 9-20-08

I hit CVS today after being hit or miss on it for the last few months. I have even *gasp* allowed some ECBs to expire! LOL I was going to do this trip in 2 transactions to save more money but I had a fussy baby and so just did it all at once.
L'oreal Revitalist 11.99
Adidas deoderant 4.99
Crest Prohealth 2.99
Nivea Men's body wash 4.99
V05 shampoo 65 cents
Used: 14.58 (About) ECBs and 3.75 in coupons
6.95 oop
got back 30.98 in ECBs--$6 of those were for the Revlon nail polish deal from last week or the week before that I didn't get. I wrote to CS and they were more than willing to make sure I got me ECBs.
I also got 3 coupons with my receipt.
Getting back into the groove little by little.

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Kerri in WV said...

I did the bodywash and Addidas 4X (different cards) but my CVS only had ONE of the antiwrinkle creams (did they not know I just turned 47 and need this???)

Good shopping Bec!