Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Target Christmas Clearance

I managed to get to Target the day after Christmas. (Which was good since we have been dealing with tummy bug since then and I haven't gotten to go back yet). I didn't get any actual Christmas stuff but went for practical.
1 Swiffer holiday pack 2.49
4 Clorox wipes (3 pk) 2.49 each
3 Dawn dishwashing liquid (a big blue one and a smaller apple/cinnamon one) 2.49
4 prs of Christmas socks 2.49
2 bags of Sweetarts 1.05
8 pks of Pillsbury cookies 1.25
1 Glad Press and Seal 2 pk 1.99
1 pk foil/parchment paper holiday pack 1.99
1 pk Glad bowls (2 different sizes attached) 1.99
8 2-pks Bounty paper towels 1.49
2 bounty napkins 1.49
I saved a total of 77.83 on this trip! I knew that these things would not be there when clearance went to 75 off so I snatched them up. I will go back sometime to see if there is anything left that I "need" LOL

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Kerri in WV said...

I lucked into ONE of the Dawns (it was hiding in the toys LOL). I bought Christmasy stuff that was limited.