Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walmart 6/10/2008

I don't often shop at Walmart unless I need something non-grocery related. I find that I can do better at Food Lion or Sam's for general grocery things. Plus, Walmart is always so busy that I just don't like going there. But since I started reading at I thought that maybe I could get at least some deals there. Above are the results of my first "coupon trip" to Walmart.
3 jars of pickles
2 trial sizes of body wash
2 4-pks of yogurt
1 dental floss
1 3.5 lb bag of cat food
index cards, box and labels--not part of the deal just stuff I needed. LOL
Total before coupons: 20.64
Coupons: 12.00
Total oop: 9.74
The pickles were 1.08-1.88 amd I had 3 $1 off coupons.
The body wash was .97 and .79--again used $1 q's
The yogurt was 1.98--$1 coupons
Dental floss was .97--$1 coupon
Cat food 3.98 and used $4 coupon
Walmart takes off the full amount rather than adjusting down like other places do so some of the things had overages.
Not too bad. I wish that more of the deals posted elsewhere had worked but prices here in Savannah are a little higher than other places I guess. I might need to do more coupon shopping at Walmart.

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