Friday, March 13, 2009


Quick Publix post for you.
I rarely shop at Publix. The first big trip I did there, the cashier took my q's first and then looked at each on and matched each one with the product on the coupon. It took for.evah. So I was leary of going again but I had those Frosted Flake q's ($1/2) and Publix had the BOGO. I also had 50 cent Banana Nut Cheerio q's (which my Publix doubles) and those are also BOGO. So I braved it again.
They were out of the cheerios. So bummer. And I didn't think to get a raincheck. But as you can see, I got the Frosted Flakes. And threw in some Hellman's which were also BOGO and I had 60 cent coupons for them.
I think I did OK---4 boxes of cereal and 2 mayo for less than $10.
I decided that for me, I will just shop the BOGOs at Publix if I have good q's. Or for double coupon things. Publix prices a quite a bit higher--especially their meat. But double coupons and BOGOs---I am SO there!!

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