Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Publix 3/25/09

After a couple of disappointing trips to my local Publix, I thought about giving up. But whenever I see the BOGOs that they have each week I think, I really should try again. So today I did...and had a MUCH better trip.
Not everything I got was BOGO but was advantage buys. My husband and oldest son, who work together in construction, told me today that they are tired of granola bars for breakfast (no, I do NOT get up and cook them breakfast every day LOL). Thankfully, Publix has yogurt on advantage buy and I had lots of matching coupons.
Here is what I got today...
4 bags of Fast Fixin's Popcorn Chicken (BOGO--5.99 each)
2 bags of Doritos (no q's; no sale--needed for working men's lunches)
2 Knorr Pasta Alfredo sides (BOGO--1.59 each)
3 Minute Maid Rice (ad. buy 2/$4)
2 Dannon 6 pk yogurt (3/$6)
5 Dannon Danimals yogurt (3/$5)
4 Dole Parfait bowls (BOGO--2.25 each)
3 cokes (one for mom; one for coupon holder and one for babysitter) 1.39/each
Total before coupons: 51.06
Used coupons: 17.10
The bottom of my receipt says I saved: 41.42 at Publix today!! That includes coupons, sales and stuff.
If I didn't need the chips or the total would have been about $20!!
That is a MUCH better Publix trip!!!

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Dawn said...

You are awesome!