Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walgreens 3/21/09

This is what I got at Walgreen's today.
4 pks of Walgreen brand diapers (2 for $9)
3 pks of Reach floss (3 for $9)
Sambucol (12.99)
Wal-Zyr Allergy med (3.99)
Irish Spring body wash (4.99)
I used an Irish Spring BW free coupon.
$10 EZQ from Wags for Sambucol + $4 printable
$3 off 3 Reach coupon
$20 RR from Huggies deal last week
Total oop: 15.96
Total Savings thru Wag advertised and mfg q's: 57.45
Now that I look closer at me reciept, the floss didn't ring up $3--it rang 4.49/each. And I didn't get the RR for them. So it should have been less I think.
Oh and I will send in the rebate for the allergy meds and those will end up being free.

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