Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I usually make a menu plan each week. I find I function better when I know exactly what is coming. It is also good for making my store list(s). Sometimes I shop to the sales, sometimes I don't. This is a week when I am not. We are Eastern Orthodox and in the midst of a fasting period. But since we are recovering from a stomach virus which really wiped out the older people in the house, we are not totally fasting yet, but by next week, we should be back to our regular fasting meals.

Monday~~tuna and shells (kind of like tuna casserole)

Tuesday~~makaronapeta or as well call it at our house, "Phyllo-roni". A kind of Greek mac/cheese with phyllo-dough. I am not Greek but I like to pretend I am. LOL

Wednesday~~baked potatoes w/ topping and salad

Thursday~~taco tot casserole

Friday~~Puffy Pizza Casserole


Sunday~~potatoes, carrots, onions in crockpot

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Sheena and Seanna said...

Your week sounds yummy!