Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drugstore Deals 4-19

I have been MIA here for a few months. It seems that my deal shopping ebbs and flows. But when I get back into it, I get so excited and think, "Why don't I just keep up with it?" Sometimes I kick myself for not taking the time to get stuff together and other times, I just don't care. But I really do love the "high" I get from scoring something for cheap. I am definitely NOT an extreme couponer and I am not a super savvy shopper but I think that I do OK. So last week, I took a few baby steps back into the world of couponing and this week, jumped back in full force.

Today my trusty companions and I hit Walgreens, CVS, Toys R Us and Publix (we also went to Joann Fabric but not for deals).

First stop was Walgreens where I did two transactions.

First transaction was the Always and Goody hair things. I used 2 $1 coupons for the Always. I paid 7.63 out of pocket and got back $3 register rewards for the Goody's (I thought that the Always was yielding a $3RR as well but it didn't print. Probably because I got the wrong item. *shrug*).

The 2nd transaction I got 2 pks of Huggies (8.99 each) and 2 Dawn (99cents each)--those were filler since I thought I would have 4 coupons to use but really only had three. I used 2 $3 coupons for the Huggies and my $3 RR from trans #1. I got back $3 RR to use next time.

Breakdown went like this...
Total: 28.96
Coupons/RR used: 11.00
Paid out of pocket: 17.96 (not including tax)
Register rewards for later: $3

For what it's worth, I don't normally shop at Walgreens because usually I have problems with them taking my coupons or RRs not printing. I took a chance today and it worked OK--not as great as I thought it would but still OK. And I got cheap diapers.

Next stop CVS...

A small transaction because not much thrilled me this week...except the free stuff and the Covergirl since I needed make up.

Paas egg decorating kit 1.99
2 CVS Green Bag Tags .99
Edge Shaving Gel 3.29
CG Clean make up 6.00
CG eye shadow 5.89

Total 19.15
Used 2.50 coupon for CG stuff
Used $10 ECB from last week
Paid 7.99 out of pocket after tax

Got back 10.27 in Extra Care Bucks so really I made money on this transaction!! I wanted to get some of the water for 2.22 but my CVS was completely out.

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