Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using a Coupon Database

In the past few years I have found that I can reduce my grocery bill by using coupons. I also found that using a database like this one at HotCouponWorld is a big help. It took me a little while to get the hang of using it but it is a great tool.

You can search for coupons for a certain item. You can even search by source or store. Searching by store is helpful for those who don't have a lot of stores to choose from and don't want to wade through a lot of information. The coupon database is also helpful in finding where the printable coupons can be found.

You can also trade for coupons that you might need that someone else doesn't. You might wonder why you would want multiple coupons for something. If something that you use is on sale, multiple coupons will help you stockpile that item at a low price. For example, for the last few weeks several stores have had Progresso Soup on sale. Food Lion had it for $1 a can; Walgreens had it for 1.25; even Target had it on sale for 1.40. This is something I stockpile for Lent for my husband's lunch. (He claims that the Lentil soup is THE best he has had. LOL). I had several coupons from inserts that came in my paper and some that friends brought me, plus several printables. I was able to get a bunch of soup for anywhere from 25 cents to $1 a can!!

Speaking of Target and printables, you simply MUST check out the Target Coupon Generator at HotCouponWorld. If you print coupons on-line, you know that some sites print one coupon per page. Or print a coupon on the top and then the bottom has a recipe or ad or something on it. If you print multiple coupons (which you should), you end up with a lot of wasted paper and ink. The Target Coupon Generator prints multiple coupons on one page--you can even print more than one of the SAME coupon!

Using the example of the soup again, let's say that on the Target Coupon Generator there is a soup coupon and I have manufacturer coupons for soup, I can use BOTH at Target. At most stores, you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon to get even more savings---pair those with a store sale and you are on your way to really saving!!

There are so many resources out there to help you lower your grocery bill. It is a shame not to use them. I am not as good as some people who might be able to feed their families for less than $50 a week but I am getting better! I think that feeding my family of 10 for less than $100 a week proves that! LOL

While you are at HotCouponWorld using the coupon database and the Target Coupon Generator also check out the many resources that they have complied there for you.

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Kim said...

I always forget coupons & let them expire, but I'll tell my husband about the Target Coupon Generator ... he likes stuff like that. :-D