Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CVS 6/15/09

Is it just me or is CVS seriously lacking in the deals lately? I went a full month without going and then ran into the "Oh no! My ECBs are fixin' to expire" problem.

Yesterday I took a trip to CVS. I had three transactions worked up but realized that I really only needed to do one to roll the expiring ECBs.

Here is what I got:
4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal (1.88/each)
2 Dry Idea roll on B1G1 (5.29/each)
2 Excedrin (4.49/each)
1 Schick Quattro (7.99/each)
2 boxes of mac/cheese (needed it for supper LOL 1.79/each *thud*)

I used 6 $1/off coupons; 2 $2/off coupons for the Dry Idea; 1 $4/off Schick and my $16 ECBs.

Total oop: 4.13
ECBs earned: $7

So I lost 9.00 in ECBs but I think I got some good deals on stuff we actually use. We discovered that my husband LOVES the Dry Idea roll on. I am glad I printed off all those $2 coupons and even more glad that they don't expire until November!

I was going to do the sunglasses deal but there were none priced lower than 9.99 at this CVS I went to so I passed on it. I will continue to look at the other ones but if I can't find any of the 5.99 ones, I will probably pass.

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