Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Publix 6/23/09

Does anyone else get a "high" when they get to the checkout and see how much they have saved with coupons??? I KNOW I can't be the only one. It is even better when the cashier says something like, "Wow, you did good!!" That's how I felt yesterday when I was leaving Publix.

I was holding on to cereal coupons hoping for a good BOGO sale at Publix and it paid off yesterday. So did holding on to all those Yoplus coupons.

This is what I managed to score at Publix yesterday for less than $40!!!

10 pks of Yoplus yogurt 1.25/each and I had 10 .50 q's which my Publix doubles so .25 for yogurt is pretty good, huh?

Starbuck's Ice cream 1.89/each--I only had one $1.50 coupon, not as good as .81 cents on clearance at Target a while ago but still OK.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 1.89/each--I can't remember but I think I had 2 $1/off coupons

4 boxes of Frosted Mini-wheats 2.10/each--used 4 $1/off coupons

4 boxes of Golden grahams; 1 box of Cookie Crisp; 1 box of Lucky Charms 1.89/each--used various coupons $1/3; $1/2; 50 cents

Nabisco Graham Crackers 2.00/each---used 2 $1 off coupons

Ritz Crackerfull Cracker sandwiches--1.37/each No coupon but they looked soooo good. LOL (And they are LOL)

2 Gallons of milk 2.79/each

3 bottles of coke--2 for my shopping helpers and one for the babysitter at home.

My Savings Summary:

  • Store Coupons 5.50
  • Vendor Coupons 17.00
  • Advertised Specials 46.48

My Savings at Publix: 68.98

Grand total: 35.37

In the words of Tammie, the cashier at Publix yesterday, "I love Coupons!!"

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Anonymous said...

Good job! Have you found the Unilever 'Family has it's own rewards' booklets that others have found at Publix? It has some pretty hot coupons and coupon values in it.

Julie in MI