Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Publix 2/27

*No picture this time...*

I knew that there was a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get at Publix but I also knew that most of my coupons for those deals were going to expire on the 28th. So that meant--- the dreaded Saturday shopping trip. LOL I just really don't like grocery shopping on Saturdays because that is when everyone else does. I don't like crowds or feeling like I am being pushed through the store. But since I wanted to get the goods, I bucked up and just did it!

8 Right Guard deoderants
5 Green Giant Valley Steamers
8 Starkist Albacore tuna pouches
4 boxes of Golden Grahams
4 boxes of Lucky Charms
4 Knorr side dishes
6 boxes of Lipton iced tea bags
10 boxes of brownie mix
4 jars of Ragu
3 cans of Pam cooking spray

Total: 161.55
Store sales: 79.41
Coupons: 30.95

Total out of pocket: 51.19

Savings of 110.36 or 68 percent!!

The best part of all this saving is that my normal grocery list is getting shorter and shorter due to have a decent stockpile building up. And that is my goal, to stockpile so that in the end, I can lower our total grocery bill by using what we have on hand. So far it has worked out well. But I might need to get my carpenter hubby to build me another pantry. *giggle*

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