Friday, February 26, 2010

Sonny's Day in Court

On soaps, there are often intertwined story lines and things that make you say, What??? Take for example one line on General Hospital right now.

Local mob boss, Sonny, was married to the other mob boss's daughter, Claudia. Before they married, Claudia put a hit out on Sonny, which missed and shot Sonny's son Michael. Michael was in a coma for over a year and when he came out his personality had changed dramatically. Sonny, of course, did not know that it was his own wife who had ordered the hit--even though most of Port Charles knew. Eventually, Sonny was told and it came out at Claudia's big birthday party in front of all their family and friends. Claudia in gangster fashion, took Sonny's pregnant ex-wife (and Michael's mother) hostage. In true soap style, Carly went into labor in an abandoned cabin and Claudia helped deliver the baby. Claudia who had just lost a baby herself, slipped a groove and decided that she would steal Carly's baby and make a run for it. Just as she was making her escape, Michael entered the cabin, whacking Claudia on the noggin, killing her instantly.

The grand plan of the mobster, his ex-wife and henchmen? Cover up! Of course, no one would believe that Michael, a young boy of what 17 or 18, acted in self defense since he is Sonny's son, so the big cover up begins.

Enter Dominic/Dante, an undercover NYC cop, who has infiltrated Sonny's mob family in an effort to take the mob down. Unbeknownst to the cop, he is the son of said mob boss. He finds out only AFTER he goes to arrest Sonny and Sonny shoots him. *shaking head*

Now Sonny wracked with guilt over shooting his own son, and still trying to stay one step ahead of the police in the Claudia cover up is facing his day in court. Luckily for him, Dante has told the police that he accidentally shot himself in Sonny's house. And the police believe him, yea right! LOL

Sonny  is facing charges for Claudia's murder. One son, Michael, knows Sonny is taking the wrap to cover up for him. Michael even goes to the PCPD to confess to Claudia's murder, except no one believes him. Another son, Morgan, tries to get Dante to leave the police force and join the mob so that everyone will be happy. And then there is Dante, who although wants Sonny to go down for Claudia's murder, is kind of torn up about knowing that the mob boss he has hated his whole life, is his father.

Dante, of course, is called to testify. And Michael is tormented because his dad (well, we all know that AJ is really Michael's father, but whatever...) is taking the fall for him. It should be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead. Especially knowing that Jax has used his influence to get a high powered prosecutor to try the case.

I love General Hospital. I have always loved Sonny's tormented soul. And I really love his dimples. It is  good to see that Dante inherited that trait from his father!!

Tune in to GH weekdays on ABC or SoapNet every night. Here in the east, GH is on at 3pm!!

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