Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Successful Publix Trip

I am finally getting excited about deal shopping again. It is my job as a wife to use my husband's money wisely! Just as I need to make time for my daily prayers, I need to take time to get my household in order and that includes being frugal.

Today I made another trip to Publix. I got all that you see in the picture (minus one bag of Pita chips that my store helper and I munched on while going home. LOL) for 37.38.

10 pks of yogurt
2 Ranch veggie dip
2 Sour cream
2 jars of pickles
6 mustard
4 boxes of Special K
5 boxes of crackers
2 Velveeta cheese
4 jars of peanuts
4 boxes of mac/cheese
3 bags of pita chips

Before sales and coupons: 121.88
Store sales: 53.70
Coupons: 30.80
Total out of pocket: 37.38

Two weeks ago the cashier gave me a high-five. This week, Shauna and her bagger, cheered and clapped after having me read how much I saved. LOL They told me that one of the other cashiers practically throw a parade if you save a lot! I told them that maybe next week I will go to him. LOL


Kelly said...

High five, Becky!

We were right there with ya'll at Publix this week. I feel like we're partners in crime. :D

Loved the Tweet: "It's my job."

Bobby George said...

No one doubts your abilities Becky. The question is can you teach others? Hint hint

Keyla said...

Ahh...mustard. It was probably free, wasn't it? I miss free mustard. Maybe someday I can get back to couponing...for now I live vicariously through you, Becky.