Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another week...another trip to Publix

I didn't get too much since there wasn't much on the BOGO that we would really use. But this next week looks to be a GREAT Publix shopping week.

This trip I got:
2 bags of mozzerella bites (will be great for our Super Bowl party)
10 bags of Chex Mix (again, for party or evening snack attacks)
2 boxes of popcorne
2 bottles salad dressing
5 4-pks of yogurt
6 boxes of graham crackers in different "flavors"
11 boxes of Toaster Strudels

Total before sales and coupons: 120.03
Advertised specials: 59.08
Coupons: 25.00

Total out of pocket: 35.95

Total Savings----70% !!!

It was a great trip but sadly I had to explain to the cashier that I bought 11 toaster strudels and that the coupons were for 11. I don't know why she was so confused. I guess because 5 of the coupons said "when you buy 2" so she was thinking I needed an even number? I don't know (I had one coupon that was for just one). At any rate, I finally showed her, here are 11 boxes, this coupon goes with these two; this one goes with these two...etc.... *shaking head* Oh well, another cashier to avoid at Publix. I looked for my fave Tammie but she was not there.

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