Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is our last "normal" fasting week and then comes Meatfare Sunday the last day we can eat meat until Pascha in April. Fasting is supposed to be a time of drawing closer to God. We aren't supposed to think so much about the food and more about God. Not so for me, preparing and thinking about Lenten meals is so hard for me. I get stressed out and feel discouraged by the whole thing. I know it isn't supposed to be that way but for me it is. I need to try harder this Lenten season to plan our meals in advance and make sure that we have a lot of options.

I prepared my menu plan for the next two weeks (and already shopped--except for a few things):

Monday, 1st: corn dog muffins; chicken
Tuesday, 2nd: sandwiches; shepherd's pie (requested by girls to have "before Lent starts")
Wednesday, 3rd: fish stick; spaghetti
Thursday, 4th: chicken patties; turkey dinner
Friday, 5th: pizza rolls; tuna casserole
Saturday, 6th: leftovers; McDonald's--our last hamburgers before Lent LOL
Sunday, the 7th--Meatfare Sunday: Super Bowl Party---finger food type things
Monday, 8th: PB&J; potato soup
Tuesday, 9th: fish sticks; cabbage & pasta
Wednesday, 10th: mac/cheese; grilled cheese
Thursday, 11th: spaghetti o's; makaronapita (or phyllo-roni as my daughter calls it)
Friday, 12th: lunch ??; spaghetti
Saturday, 13th: leftovers

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