Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Deals

Can't let good coupons expire and so you must shop on NYE. That is what I did today and was happy that I did. Two of my children and I went to CVS, Publix and Target. Our first stop was CVS. I didn't write out deals just a list of what I knew I wanted to get, my coupons and ECBs that I would get back. I was happy that they had everything in stock I wanted and it all worked out beautifully.

This trip included:
2 pk of Always pads (2 for $6)
4 Vitamin Waters ($1/each)
3 Honest Tea ($1/each)
4 Dawn dishwashing liquid (94 cents each)
1 Colgate (2.99)
1 Tone Body wash (3.88)
1 Pampers (8.99)
1 bag of chocolate covered pretzels (1.49)

Total before coupons: 34.11
Coupons used: 12.00
ECBs used: 15.79

Subtotal: 6.32
With tax: 8.37

Got back 10.00 in ECBs so basically everything was free.

Next stop was Publix. No picture because, really, those get boring. LOL But I saved 106.90 there and paid 56.82 out of pocket (and have a new cashier to add to the *avoid* list). Among the things purchased: 12 cans of Progresso soup; 8 packages of pizza rolls and various other things. Not my best but still a savings of 65 percent.

Then we stopped at Target. I had popped in there yesterday to just look around and saw that Christmas stuff was clearanced to 75 percent off. There wasn't much left but I did notice a bunch of those Wonka Exceptional bars/boxes and remembered that I had coupons for them at the house. I just hoped that the candy would still be there when I was able to get back! It seems that stuff goes very quickly now during Target clearance events.

I got 7 boxes of the Wonka chocolate. They rang up 99 cents and I had various coupons for $1 or $2 or $3 off 2 boxes. So mostly they were FREE!! The Ghirardelli bags rang up 1.74 and my coupons were $1 off 2, I think. I got 4 packages of cookies which was marked to 1.75. And a cupcake decorator for 4.48. My daughter is thrilled about this because it has a thing that allows you to fill cupcakes with different stuff. We expect great things from her now that she has this device. :-) I ended up saving 67.73. My total paid was about $35 but I paid with gift cards so it was all FREE!! (oh and Dollar Spot is labeled as 50% off but rang up 75)

I hope that you and yours have a safe and wonderful new year. And continue savings!

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