Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another CVS post...

I wrote up my deals early in the week and decided to go ahead and get them while I was out yesterday. I did two transactions at CVS. First, I stopped at the Magic Coupon Machine. I got my $1 ECB for quarterly savings/spending and (to me surprise) $5 ECB for beauty club spending! Wasn't watching that total so didn't know it would print. I also got several coupons--2 I used in the transactions above.

Transaction #1:
Starburst candy (got $2 off coupon from machine making it 50 cents)
2 Crossaction toothbrushes
2 Oral B Pulsar
1 Always Infinity
1 Big Chill water (it was gone before we got home LOL--got 50 cent coupon from machine)

Total before coupons: 24.47
Coupons used: 10.50
ECBs used: 11.00
Out of pocket: 6.03

Got back 11.00 ECBs to use next week.

Transaction #2~I intended to use the ECBs from Trans #1 in this one but when it came down to it, I could use ones left from the week before plus the ones printed from machine.

Herbal Essence Shampoo--got a coupon from the machine for this in addition to my mfr coupon I had
Aussie hair spray
Gillette Fusion Razor

Total before: 16.97
Coupons: 9.00
ECBs used: 7.49
Out of pocket: 1.32

Got back $5 ECBs

So I got almost $42 worth of product for basically free! I spent 7.35 out of pocket but got back $16 ECBs for use next week.

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