Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rant from an Ol' Time Couponer

This past week, I have been looking around facebook at pictures of other people's deals that they get. I admit to being a little bit jealous but the more I looked around, the more irritated I got. I mean, 40 packs of pens at one time??? Hundreds of cans of pasta??? There is no reason for that...even if you ARE donating it. There are those of us couponing in an attempt to feed our families. If you are clearing shelves, SHAME ON YOU!

My irritation grew when I ventured to Publix today with my modest list of deals to get. I found NO feta, NO Bugles, NO toothpaste!! Empty shelves. Then I see wandering through the aisles with her coupon binder in tow, a lady with at least 20 boxes of mini wheats--along with fruit snacks, coffee, and other things. (And yes, I did check to see if she had a bunch of bugles LOL).

Don't get my wrong, I like a good deal as much as anybody. But there was a time when it was thrilling--like hunting. You would literally squeal in the aisles when you happened upon something great!

I remember going to Target one day to see my favorite pricing lady, marking down toys in the big toy clearance to 75 percent and there being 3 full aisles worth!! Or walking to the holiday clearance and seeing candy left on the shelves when it hit 90 percent....or ANYTHING left at 90 percent. Now, people snatch that stuff up when it hits 30. Or how about the lists of secret stuff to look for hidden among the regular stuff.

There was a time when you could go to CVS on a Friday evening and get everything that you painstakingly wrote up in your scenarios IN ORDER without trying to work on the fly because there was no more Herbal Essence.

But not any more.

I understand that times are tough and couponing is the latest fad for some people--especially with coupon classes on every corner and TLCs Extreme Coupon show, but something's gotta give. I have heard from many long time couponers that it almost isn't worth it anymore. I think it still is we just need to bide our time. Wait it out. Like legwarmers, parachute pants, and TAB--this fad will fade and we can again triumphantly walk into a store and find shelves and shelves of clearance just waiting for us to snatch it up and take it home....just wait it out....

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