Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look at what I got for less than $20...

I made a little trip to Publix yesterday. I really like those Luigi Italian Ice things and had great coupons so wanted to be sure that I got those. Not a huge trip but a good trip. Everything you see on the table was 19.95 out of pocket.

Here is the breakdown:
2 bags of Tostitos~ 3.00/each (*gasp* No coupon...)

6 boxes of Barilla mini-bowties~ 58 cents each. I had 55 cents off coupons making them 3 cents a box

7 Luigi Italian Ice~ 1.60 each; I had $1 off coupons so 60 cents for each box (making them 10 cents per cup)

7 Dove deodorant~ 1.50/each; used 75 cents off coupons = .75/each

2 Crest toothpaste~ $1/each; used 75 cents off coupon = .25/each

6 Chow Mein noodles~ .40/each (no coupon)

Total before sales and coupons: 68.96
Savings: 49.01
Out of Pocket: 19.95

A total savings of 71 percent.

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