Saturday, August 21, 2010

CVS--August 21st

I tend to wait until Saturday to do my CVS shopping and then I fuss about it because they are either sold out or have changed the signs around. I find that it takes me longer to shop than I would like because I have to "think on my feet" to re-do the transactions that I had already set up. Or I have to flip through the ad to see if the item I picked up is the correct one (or send my helper to the scanner to check prices). I really should shop earlier in the week, I know. Maybe this week.

I did three transactions. I spent more out of pocket than I wanted to because none of the CVS' that I went to had the Blink eye stuff so I missed out on those ECBs. But I did OK I guess. I have been playing the CVS game as often as I would like but I need to get back into it.

Today I purchased:
2 Starbuck's Coffee+ Energy drinks
4 cans of black olives
2 Miracle Whip
2 Crest Gum Protection toothpaste
6 Sobe Lifewater
4 Dry Idea deoderant
4 Right Guard deoderant
2 Head and Shoulders shampoo
1 Purex 3-n-1 laundry sheets
1 Gillette pro-fusion razor
1 Tylenol Precision heat pad
2 pks of gum
1 rolling laptop desk (not pictured)

Total before coupons/ECBs: 81.31
Coupons used: 41.84
ECBs used: 24.99

Total out of pocket: 19.41

I only have $2 ECB to use for next week. Not getting the Blink which I had worked into my first transaction really messed up my calculations. The rolling laptop desk was at the front of the store (my new favorite CVS LOL) at 50% off (regular 14.99). The cashier saw me looking at it and said, "Manager said I could sell that for 90% off so 1.49." I said, "I will take it!" She put it behind the counter while I was shopping. Jeff is using it right now.

My total percentage of savings today at CVS 82 percent!!!

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dpenguin said...

Man! I didn't know about the laptop desk. Nice!

Have you tried the Purex laundry sheets yet? I really like 'em!