Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Stocking Up at Publix

One of the things I have learned from my years of frugal shopping is the importance of stocking up. When something is at a good price, you should stock up on it. That's why I have 20 bottles of shampoo or 20 tubes of toothpaste most of the time. I think now I can safely say that we are stocked up on a few more things.

Today was my largest trip to Publix ever. There were so many things that for me were good deals. I spent more out of pocket than I normally do but was still under $100 (including the 3 drinks for the helpers). And if I come in under $100 for my large family, I am doing good in my book.

I saw a sneak peek of the ad early last week, so once again I ordered coupons. This time from My Coupon Hunter. They ship from Florida so the coupons got to me quickly. I love ordering coupons online. Often when an ad match up will say that such-and-such coupon was in the Red Plum on 8-15, I will look and we didn't get it. It is kind of irritating. Ordering coupons assures me that I will get the ones I need, at the time I need them. And in the long run, it is cheaper than buying multiple newspapers each week. And for my local friends, I accept coupon donations to feed my habit.

So here is the break down of what I got this week:
7 Lysol trigger cleaners (some of these will go to church for the nursery)
2 Lysol NeutraAir (for church)
3 3-pks of Dial Soap
7 20-ct bottles of Excedrin
6 packages of Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner
2 Athenos Feta cheese
14 jars of Mt. Olive Pickles
6 pks Mt. Olive Pickle packs
6 pks of Dole fruit/gel bowls
18 boxes of hamburger/tuna/chicken helper (seems like a lot but it takes 3 boxes to feed my family)
5 boxes of cereal (still have a lot from the last 2 weeks of sales)
10 boxes of Luzianne family size tea bags (We drink a lot of tea! It is the South afterall!)
6 boxes of Taco Bell dinner (these included a bonus koolaid inside)
4 boxes of whole grain pasta
4 bags of coffee
3 box cake mix
3 cans of frosting
6 jars of peanut butter

A few of my best deals: the Dial soap was BOGO and ended up being 92 cents each. I had 35c coupons which doubled to 70c making the soap 22 cents---I just wish I had ordered more.

The Excedrin was on sale for 1.49. I had $1 off coupons making each bottle 49 cents. Excedrin is my headache medicine of choice!

The pickles after coupons averaged out to about 80 cents each jar. And the Hamburger Helper was about 50 cents each after coupons. The coffee was less than $2 and I have a mail in for a free iced coffee cup when I send in 3 upcs from the coffee.

The BIG numbers from today:
Total before coupons/sales: 333.31 (told you it was BIG!)
Sales/BOGOs: 165.15
Coupons used: 72.95

Total out of pocket: 95.21 (again more than usual at Publix but still under $100)

Total savings: 238.10 !!!! I saved 71.44% today at Publix!!!

Today my cashier was Harold. I like him. He gets excited when he sees your savings. As he wrapped up my receipt (which was taller than me), he said, "You saved 238 today!" The man behind me said, "238?!?!?" The girl behind HIM said, "What???? 238???" LOL The man looked at me and said, "I wanna shop with you sometime!" I told him I am usually there at Publix every Tuesday. :-)

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Kerri in WV said...

You rock!!! Feel free to send me some excedrin and tea bags!!! LOL