Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Publix~~August 17, 2010

I was smart this week. I put my Publix deals together on Saturday afternoon so that when I had time to run out, they were waiting for me. It was nice to find out I was not having company this afternoon and could run out without spending an hour or so putting my list together.

This week's haul includes:
10 boxes of Breyer's Smooth and Dreamy bars
2 Dannon yogurt smoothies
2 pks of Dixie paper plates
4 bags of Tyson breaded chicken (guess what is for supper tonight!)
4 jars of Prego sauce
10 boxes of Frosted Mini-wheat in a variety of flavors
2 pks of Stayfree overnights
2 pks of regular Stayfree (bonus pack w/ 8 free)
4 boxes of pancakes
3 pks of Idaho mashed potatoes
1 bottle of Ocean Spray blueberry juice

Total before sales and coupons: 164.91

Total out of pocket: 58.37

Total savings: 106.54 or 64.5%

I also had coupons for the pasta bogo but the coupons I had were for ones not on sale. Oh well.

Today I bought things that weren't BOGO but that I had good coupons for such as the Stayfree. These are on sale for 1.99 and I used BOGO coupons that were in the paper. They ended up being about $1 each. I also bought the Dixie paper plates which were $2 each using 50cent coupon (doubled to $1) making them $1 each. And the yogurt smoothies were not BOGO this week but ended up being about $1 each after sale and coupon.

Last week, I was telling some friends about my Publix shopping. One friend looked at me and said, "Do you NEED all those pickles??" (I bought 12 jars of Vlasics last week.) I said, "Need? No but they will keep forever so..." I need to remember to tell her on Sunday that we only have 4 jars left! LOL People with small families don't realize that a family my size (9 of us) can eat a jar of pickles at one meal. The only jars that have lasted more than one day are the Zesty kind (which are Daddy's) and the bread and butter (which are mine).

So while you may look and say, "That's a lot of cereal!" It is if you have 4 in your family. But one box of cereal is gone at breakfast for us if all the kids have a bowl (and some growing pre-teens have 2). Don't even ASK how much milk we go through---or apples!! I need to buy a cow and an apple tree!!

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