Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take the Good, Take the Bad...

Some days you are on your game and some days you just are not. All week I had been saying that I wanted to get my CVS stuff done so that I could get that shopping done before Saturday. When I wait until Saturday, signs are changed, stuff is sold out, and I have to think on the fly to re-do my transactions--which I don't do well. I have a hard enough time trying to get the least out of pocket as it is. I wish there was some kind of program (and someone tell me if there is) where I could plug in the deals *I* want to get, what ECBs I have on hand and my coupons then I push a button and TA-DA, scenarios are worked out for me. I mean, I can follow other bloggers scenarios but I would really like to get better at doing at it on my own. I did find a blog today that has a $5 CVS challenge each week. Check it out if you are just beginning your CVS journey.

Anyway, this morning I worked out what deals I wanted to get, gathered my coupons and set out to my local CVS stores. No Blink eye drops in sight, one lone Smart Water at the first CVS (none at the 2nd), no see where this is going? My thought out scenarios were NOT going to work. I did one transaction at the first CVS then headed to the next one. As I saw more and more stuff unavailable, I just opted to do all the other things I wanted in one big transaction and be done with it.

The Bad
This is everything I purchased today.
3 John Frieda hair things
2 Glade scented oil refills
2 Glade jar candles
1 Crest toothpaste (which did not produce ECBs as I thought it would)
Bonus 2-pk of CVS wipes
1 Tylenol Precise cream (no ECBs--even though I have not reached limit)
1 Excedrin Menstrual
10 Powerade/Smart water/Fuse/Vitamin water
1 Covergirl lipstain (rang up 8.99 and did NOT give ECBs)

So out of all of that I paid 45.74 out of pocket.
I expected 26.50 in ECBs but got 15.00--I used the 5 from the first transaction on the 2nd. I was pretty disgusted at myself. I don't know if I purchased the wrong stuff or what. There was a sign with the lipstain and it should have given the ECBs IMO but who knows.

But to counter that I ran to Publix as well. I rarely shop on a Saturday at Publix but since I had coupons that were going to expire soon and with school starting, I didn't want to chance missing out on something good. I did well at Publix.

I was disappointed in the fact that the shelves were bare of some things. I mentioned this week that it was easier when everyone thought that couponing was "lame". I try not to clear shelves. If I have plans to purchase a large number of an item and I get there and there are only enough for my deals, I don't get all of mine. Today at Publix there was no yogurt and the ice cream was wiped out (I bought the last 4 so I guess *I* cleared the shelf in that case). I always try to look at the supply on the shelf and only get stuff if it looks like there is plenty. The ritz and vanilla wafers were well stocked so even though I bought 8 of each, there was a TON more.

The Good
What I got at Publix today:
5 pks of Solo cups
5 pks of Solo plates
5 bags of Chex Mix
8 boxes of Nilla Wafers
8 boxes of Ritz crackers
4 Starbucks Coffee Free ice cream
8 V8 Splash juice
6 boxes of Lipton tea bags (family size)

Total before sales/coupons: 178.99
Sales: 87.63
Coupons: 41.00

Total out of pocket: 50.36. Saved 128.63 or about 72 percent.

I hope to get my CVS stuff together early in the week. I drop my boys off at school at 8:30 and could swing by CVS right after that. I just need to be prepared. I also want to swing by Publix to see if they restock the ice cream. I really want more of that...I mean for about 49 cents/pint, I can see why the shelves were wiped out!

I need to be consistant. I want to get better at this. I need to get better at this. It just takes work and practice.

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