Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Non-Coupon Deals

I often hear friends who say that there aren't coupons for things they use (because they apparently don't eat cereal, use toothpaste or shampoo *giggle*) or that they don't have time to cut coupons or it just takes too long to get all that stuff together. And I agree, it does take time. And yes, we might eat more "processed" or junk food that others but it IS possible to get stuff for cheap WITHOUT using coupons. And one great example is Staples.

If you look at a Staples ad you see stuff that is "Free after EasyRebate" or for 1 cent or a very low price. I used to hesitate when things said, "After Rebate" because I would usually forget to mail something in but then I realized that most stores that offer rebates also offer the option to submit them online, without the need to send in receipts and UPC codes. My prayers were answered!!!!

Since I have the need this year to get school supplies before they go on clearance this year, I have been paying close attention to the sales at various stores. One school supply that my high schooler needs is computer paper and thankfully, Staples has had them on sale after rebate for the last 3-4 weeks. Each week, you can purchase two and submit them for a rebate.

So to prove to my coupon-deal-doubting friends, here is what I did at Staples last night.
I purchased:
5 packs of notebook paper for 1 cent each
2 reams of computer paper 4.99 each w/rebate for 3.99 each *$1/each*
1 pop-up tape dispenser 3.00 w/rebate of 3.00 *FREE*
1 pk of highlighters 4.99 w/rebate of 4.99 *FREE*
1 pk of sticky notes 5.29 w/rebate of 5.29 *FREE*
2 stackable storage totes 4.99/each (there was a coupon making them $4 but forgot it LOL) 9.98

So total out of pocket last night was 35.62
But will get back 21.26 in rebates making my total 14.36.

It took us 15 minutes from the time we walked into the store until we were in the car coming home. And then another 5 minutes when I got home to submit my rebates which really amounts to putting in 2 different sets of numbers and your address (unless you have an account already). So less than 30 minutes to save $21 and all stuff we need either for school or here at the house!

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